Weddings have changed a lot over the years, and one of our favorite changes is the inclusion of the wedding website. As a guest, it’s one of the first places we tend to visit when we’re invited to weddings. We want to see not only what to expect with the wedding itself, but also get to see the personality of the couple, take a peek at some of their favorite moments, and often get an inside look into their love story or who will be standing beside them on their big day. And, in our personal experience, a wedding website can be critical when planning your wedding to help communicate information to your guests. It eliminates the need for additional information cards in invitations, let’s you have all of your registry information in one place, and allows you to give details that are important to you (like if you don’t want cameras out during your ceremony or have a specific dress code). With all of that said though, it can be completely overwhelming to stare at a blank website and try to figure out what you should include in your wedding website. That’s what we’re here for.

When it comes to wedding websites, they’re an even mix of pretty, fun, and inspirational. We encourage our couples to have fun with it and personalize it to who they are because your guests are more likely to spend more time on your website when you do so. That doesn’t mean you have to put a ton into it, just that you think through what you do include. There are dozens of sites you can use to build your website, from Zola to Wix to The Knot to Riley & Grey to Minted, the list goes on and on. They all have their own features, benefits, and downsides, so it’s really just about finding which one works for you. Whether you want to spend a couple of minutes imputing your most important information and throwing up a few photos or hours designing a reflection of your day, it’s totally up to you.

No matter what you choose, here are the top things to include in your wedding website to ensure that you not only communicate important information for your guests, but that you also create a fun experience that will have them excited for the big day to come. And since we’re about to talk all about details, we’re including tons of pretty detail photos from The Everett’s wedding, because goodness are we in love with everything from their day.

A Memorable URL

Memorable URLs – whether it’s your names or a catchy hashtag – are super helpful for two reasons. First, they look good on your wedding invitations and are the first thing people see about your website. More importantly, though, is it allows guests to have a place to reference information they may need. When your guests aren’t *with* their invitation, if they remember the URL they can quickly double check the ceremony start time or reception address. As an added bonus, it also makes them more likely to think of the website if a question pops up, meaning they won’t be texting you asking about it last minute.

Photos of You

It’s YOUR website. Whether you show off those gorgeous engagement photos, some behind-the-scenes pictures from the proposal, or iPhone pics from the early dating days, people are inherently visual and love to look at pictures. They add intrigue to your website and can often be the leading aspect of wedding website design.

The Big Event

Make sure the time, date, and location of your wedding is clearly prominent on the website. It’s the most important information – and other than your registry probably the most searched for detail on a wedding website – so make sure it’s easy for your guests to see. Plus, it’s not bad to have that cousin that’s always late to everything reminded of the ceremony start time by seeing it again.

Your Registry

Hands down, having wedding registries easily accessible is probably our favorite aspect of how technology plays a role in weddings today. You can link your registry – or registries, no judgment here! – directly to your website to make it easier for your guests. And if you need ideas for your registry, check out our blog post on how to get the most out of your registry.

Travel Information 

If you have a hotel block, advice for which airport to fly into, a connection to rental car services, or a shuttle planned from the hotel to the venue for the wedding, definitely include it for your guests. For a lot of guests, they either 1) haven’t been to the area your wedding is in or 2) want to do what other guests are doing, so including all of this information makes it easier on everyone.

Area Information

If you want to go above and beyond, we LOVE when a couple includes area information in their wedding website. Whether you talk about places in Gruene, Schlitterbahn, floating the river, or local restaurants, it’s a fun way to help your guests make a weekend out of coming to your wedding. It’s especially fun if you customize it to your personal recommendations or places that are meaningful to you as a couple.

Additional Events

Having any pre-wedding gatherings, meeting up after the reception, or a morning-after brunch? Your wedding website is a great way to let guests know and invite them for the fun.

The Not-So-Little Details

Dress codes, helpful hints like if the cocktail hour is being held completely outdoors, if no kids are allowed, or if you’re adamantly against cameras coming out during your ceremony are all things that can be included in your wedding website. If it’s really really important we wouldn’t recommend the website being the only place the information is listed, but it’s a great way to reinforce it.

Your Love Story

Tell your story! Whether it’s how you met, the story of how he proposed, a funny anecdote from dating, why you chose your venue, or a little mix of everything, give people something fun and personal to read while looking at your website. It’s always the most memorable part of every website for us.

The Party People

Show off that bridal party and let people know who they are to you. Whether you just show their picture, name, and relation or tell a funny story about each person, your bridal party is often filled with the people that mean the most to you, so this is a great way to bring them in to the website as well.

A RSVP Option

While we’re still traditional and like paper RSVPs, online RSVPs are gaining popularity and with good reason. They often allow you to get RSVPs in much faster and keep up with everything for you so you aren’t having to enter it all into a spreadsheet. As an added bonus, some RSVP systems have guests enter an email address which could be acquired on Temp Mail, that way you can send out reminders or pertinent info if anything changes.

When it comes to your wedding website, a good thing to keep in mind is that you want to share the best of the best. There’s a lot of information to communicate – and if you’re Type A like us then you can have a tendency to want to overshare so your guests have all the options – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but it can be overwhelming. You can include as much or as little information as you want, but if you can keep each section short and sweet and highlight the most important things, then that will not only be helpful for your guests but it will also ensure that what needs to be communicated is seen and not lost in the clutter. In an ideal world, your wedding website will be easy enough to navigate that someone can go to it for 5 minutes and get the most important details but fun enough to engage in that your bff can spend some time scrolling through and learn something new. Happy planning!

The Everett’s Vendor Spotlight:

Coordinator: Borrowed and Blue Events

Caterer: Got it Covered

Band/DJ: Suede Austin

Photographer: Ashley Medrano Photography

Florist: Reiley & Rose

Bar: Bartenders 4 You

Cake: Creations Cakes

Hair/Makeup: Blush’d Beauty