Let’s talk Late Night Snacks.

We’re big fans of this trend, both as a venue and as wedding-goers. It’s such a fun touch to add for your guests, and it’s really something that you can personalize to who you are as a couple. Do you celebrate Taco Tuesday every week? Ask your caterer about serving mini tacos as a late night snack. If comfort food is your game, then how about cookies and milk, mini grilled cheeses with tomato soup, or fries and mini burgers? Or, if you’re like Kevin and Landan, reminisce on late college nights with the perfect drunk-food snack – helloooo HBCBs.

There are truly so many options, from getting your caterer to create something just for you such as the one on makeadish.net/ to bringing in food from somewhere like Whataburger to having a food truck roll up outside for your grand exit. We don’t think any of them are bad ideas, but we do get asked about bringing Whataburger in often, so we wanted to share a post with you about what we know about it so you can get it for your wedding, too! 

Late Night Snack options from Whataburger can really be anything on the menu, but the most popular options we’ve seen are Honey Butter Chicken Biscuits, Taquitos, and #1 combos. Whichever one you choose, you’ll want to reach out to the local Whataburger in the town you’re getting married in. If you’re getting married at The Chandelier, you’ll want to reach out to the Whataburger at New Braunfels Creekside. You can give them a call and ask to speak to the manager about having Whataburger delivered for your wedding.

We recommend calling a couple of months in advance to get things set up, though from experience you don’t normally have to actually order that early. Instead, you can get the details from them and find out when you’ll need to confirm your actual numbers (that way you have time for more RSVPs to come in.)

Once you order with Whataburger, you’ll tell them what time you want them to arrive with the food. They will deliver it directly to The Chandelier and have it set up for you. We’ve normally seen them show up with the little table tents with the wedding date numbers and a couple of promotional items for picture purposes, plus all of the food in the Whataburger bags. The bags make it super easy to set up on a table and have guests come pick them up and head back to the dance floor. If the bags aren’t your style, we’ve also seen people do individually wrapped items and set them out on the trays. If you have a specific idea, talk to Whataburger and your coordinator and figure out how to make it happen – it is your day after all. We’ve even seen a bride herself come out holding the tray of burgers.

Now, the most common question we hear is how do we personalize Whataburger for our wedding? It’s surprisingly simple.

For Landan’s wedding, they ordered large round blank stickers off of Amazon and designed and printed them at home. We’ve also seen a lot of Whataburger wedding stickers for sale on Etsy, and a local design shop, like who you’re getting your wedding invitations done with, is always an option. Whichever one you choose, you just need to get the stickers to the Whataburger team before the wedding. They should be able to stick them on the bags or wrappers to personalize it for you. (Again, this is our experience – we do not work for Whataburger and this is not a paid promotion with them. You have to ask them directly and we always recommend asking with plenty of time. Ya know, expect the unexpected.)

As alternate ways to personalize, if they aren’t able to place them on the bags for you, you could always ask if you can get the bags in advance to stick them on, or have your coordinating team place them on the bags before they’re served. If stickers aren’t working for you for whatever reason, you could also do a personalized sign that could be placed on the table you’re serving them from or have your DJ/Band do a special announcement about Whataburger being served.

Then all that’s left to do is enjoy. I don’t think we’ve seen a wedding where HBCBs or Taquitos are left on the table yet. If you want to see Whataburger being served in action at The Chandelier, check out this video highlight from Casee & Robby’s wedding this past spring. Fast-forward to 6:11 for the biscuits, but we recommend watching the whole video.

Casee + Robby | Romantic New Braunfels Wedding

Not only was this wedding beautiful, it was so much FUN! The couple planned so many unique touches and the dance floor was packed all night! Congrats to Casee and Robby Beach!Vendors include:The Chandelier of GrueneCelebrations Bridal AndPromGruene PhotographyThe Bloom BarElizabeth James SalonWerner's CateringThe ArgylesMoon Mippy Stationery & Invitations

Posted by Vida Film Productions on Saturday, May 11, 2019

As far as we’re concerned, Whataburger is quickly becoming a Texas wedding tradition. This is one trend we can definitely get behind. 
Casee & Robby’s Vendor Spotlight:
Snacks by Whataburger
Videography by Vida Film Productions
Flowers by The Bloom Bar 
Hair and Makeup by Elizabeth James Salon
Catering by Werner’s 
Stationary by Moon Mippy
Photography for Landan’s Wedding by ML Photo and Film