If you’re already married, you probably remember the feeling of not-so-patiently twiddling your thumbs and checking your email every few hours hoping that your wedding photos came in. The joy when that email finally pops up. The hours spent looking through the album and reliving every single part of your day. You may have shared a couple to your Instagram and printed a few out for photos around your house, but then what? More often than not, the vast majority of your photos end up sitting in the album and only get looked at a couple of times a year, if that.

Your wedding day was far too great to not embrace your photos to the fullest.

In honor of all of the incredible photographers we have the opportunity to work with and all of the gorgeous couples that we love showing off, we thought it was only fitting to put together a list of alllllll of the things you can do with your wedding photos. Get them off of your computer and SHOW THEM OFF. We’ll explain a couple of our favorites, but in an effort to give you the most options – because lets be honest, you probably have a lot of photos that you love – we’ll also include a longer list of some self-explanatory options.

Make a Gallery Wall

We know this one seems pretty basic, but we love gallery walls because you can show off so many of your photos in one place and get to see them every single day. Pick an empty wall in your house and let it be a statement. If your house is more muted design wise, turn them in to black and white photos. Whether you pick a handful of your favorites, show off the party, or tell a story from beginning to end, photographs are one of our favorite ways to decorate spaces in our home.

When it comes to choosing frames for a gallery wall, you have a couple of different options. You can do a more abstract wall that features a variety of different frames, or you can do a grid pattern with matching frames. If you’re doing matching frames, we know it can sometimes feel cost prohibitive if you’re wanting to do a larger gallery wall with 9-24 pictures. We found these frames on Amazon for one of our own gallery walls, but take the time to shop it a little bit because there are so many options, from places that print directly on the frame or canvas to getting the photographs already printed in the frame to ordering frames online and printing them out on your own.

Get a Wedding Album 

Wedding albums are a great way to be able to put a ton of your photographs in one place. It’s not necessarily something you’ll see or look at every day, but it is something that you can look at for years and pass down through the generations. A lot of photographers give the option to order a wedding album directly through them, you can design and print one out on your own using a service, or you can even get a traditional photo album and place small 4×6 photos in each of the pockets. Get your photos printed in a physical form so you can look back at them and see a full picture of what your day was like.

Protect Your Photos 

This is so so so important. This isn’t necessarily a way of embracing your photos so much as a way of making sure you have your photos to embrace. DO NOT download your photos to one place and one place only. Once you get that email with all of your photos and save them to your computer, make sure you have them backed up in multiple ways. Whether it’s saving them on your computer and in an online drive, a backup hard drive, putting them on multiple flash drives to distribute to a couple of households (like your parents and in-laws), or some other technology that we may not know about, protect your photos and save them in multiple ways. You can’t do all of the fun of showing off your wedding photos if you don’t have them.

Share Them with Others 

Send your album to your immediate family members and bridal party – they’re featured in a lot of the photos and clearly they love you, so they often want to show off your day, too. They can go through it and download the photos that they’re in so they have them. We also can’t tell you how many times we’ve posed for a photo as a wedding guest and then never saw those photos. If there’s a great photo of your friend dancing, a cute picture of your cousin and her husband, or any other photo that is specifically of one (or a handful) of your guests, send it out to them so they can enjoy it.

Create a Unique Display

We’ve all seen photos in frames – and while we’re big fans of them, you can only have so many gallery walls and picture frames. One of our absolute favorite ways to use wedding photos is to choose the best of the best and display them in a unique way. Whether you have it made into a painting, get a hanging canvas (like this one from Smallwood Home!), have them printed on wood, metal, or glass, or break up an image over numerous prints to create one big photo, think about unique ways to print out your photos to display them. It will bring the focus to it and showcase that it is a special photo.

Ready for some more options?

  • Make a calendar
  • Set your new phone background
  • Make coasters
  • Turn it into a thank you card
  • Make miniature magnets for your fridge or bulletin board
  • Share them on your social media, again and again
  • Print them out for the back of a deck of cards
  • Make coffee mugs
  • Get a planner with your photos scattered throughout
  • Set them as your screensaver for your firestick or tv
  • Assign them as the contact image for your friends and family
  • Create a custom Christmas ornament
  • Put one on a cell phone case (or a laptop or iPad case)
  • Get a blanket with picture(s) printed onto it
  • Print them to give as gifts
  • Make a coffee table book for people to leave a note in when they visit your home
  • Get a digital frame so you can look at even more photos
  • Order a small locket, broach, or charm to be used as a future something old
  • Buy a notebook with your photo as the cover
  • Create a scrapbook to relive all of the moments
  • Make a keyring
  • Have your photo made into a puzzle
  • Create a tie patch
  • Order a memory box with your pictures on the outside and fill it will small wedding mementos or pictures

And finally, our very favorite idea:

Fill out our wedding day questionnaire so we can turn your photos into a blog post!

Seriously y’all one of our favorite things about this business is that we get to see so many incredible wedding photos. They capture the love shared on the day and so many moments that took place to give people memories to look back on for years to come. More than anything, every single wedding is filled with unique photos that are true to the couple. And while we get to share them to our social media sites, you get to do so much more with them. It sometimes seems silly because you don’t want to feel like you’re wedding obsessed and might feel like people get tired of seeing your photos, but do it for you. Embrace your photos as a way of remembering your day and all of the happiness that surrounded it. Look at them to see how much love you shared in that moment. Utilize them to be a jumping off point for your marriage and always know that that day was just the beginning and you have so much more adventure coming your way as a couple.

The Thornton’s Vendor Spotlight:

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