When I was planning our wedding day, I spent a lot of time thinking about the things I would take out of that day. Not what I would get out of the marriage – which I treasure so incredibly deeply and am learning new things in every single day – but what I physically and emotionally would walk away from our wedding day with. I had dreamed about my wedding for years and now that it’s happened, I have every intention of holding on to every single moment of our day and remembering it for years to come. The day flies by so fast, but there is no other day like it in the world and I wouldn’t trade the opportunity to start off our marriage with that experience for anything. I have an entire blog post coming about the physical items you can remember your wedding day with, so be on the lookout for that, but today I wanted to expand a little more on the biggest memory saver/moment capturer/tear jerker you can ever have.

I have so many photos that I absolutely adore from our wedding day and having a photographer that keeps shooting and gives you those unperfect, unplanned photos is something that I am so passionate about because it reminds me of how much joy and spontaneity our day was filled with. But having a video brings those moments to life.

I’m going to go into allll the reasons why I think you should hire a videographer for your wedding – and seriously, you should – but if you’re just here for an entertaining before and after, scroll to the bottom of the post to see our raw footage and a snippet from our actual wedding video.

Why do I think should you hire a videographer? 

1. They bring the moment to life.

Videos capture so much more than a photo ever could. You get to hear how you sounded in your vows. You capture the guests laughter from a toast. You see the emotion in your face during your first dance and the small little touches during portraits. Photos are great, but your video will really bring the day to life and show so much more emotion.

2. They show people you love.

Not to pull the heartstrings card on y’all, but I lost all of my grandparents when I was young. They aren’t in my wedding video, but I do have videos of them and I treasure them so so much. Our wedding video captured the people that we love and how much they love us. If you have anyone you love attending your wedding, capture that moment with them so you can look back on it years from now.

3. They’re easily shareable.

You can share your wedding day with people who were at your wedding and people who missed it by showing them your video. It seems silly, but you’ve put so much into your day and people will love watching your happiness. With us, it even ended up being an added bonus for our guests because our wedding video was the first time they heard our vows due to sound issues on our actual wedding day. I know you’ll love your day and a video lets you show it off.

4. They capture moments you might have missed.

You can’t be everywhere on your wedding day, and a video will often show you moments you might have missed. Whether its two people joking around at the bar, your mom wiping her eyes during the ceremony, your great aunt showing off her mad dance skills, or your groom bouncing on his heels waiting for you to walk down the aisle, a wedding video lets you see all the in between moments you didn’t get to witness on your wedding day.

5. You get to relive the moment again and again.

I know a lot of people used to think they’d never watch their wedding video, and that might have been true when wedding videos were 2 – 5 hour ordeals with little to no editing. Todays videos, though, are often short little highlight films set to music and show off the best of your day. You’ll watch it, even if it’s only on your anniversary, and the entire day will come rushing back.

6. You might get to see moments you forgot or didn’t quite catch.

With so many emotions on the wedding day, there are often little intricacies that you miss while you’re in the moment. I didn’t catch how much my voice broke on certain lines in my vows or just how much love Kevin had in his eyes during some of our portraits. When you get your video in, it’s really fun to look back on your day, and in a lot of ways see it from a new perspective.

7. They offer you the opportunity to present your day how you want.

For me, it was really important to hire a photography and videography team to have consistency in how our day was captured. But, your video can be a way to showcase your day in a different way, too. You can showcase it dramatically like a feature film, bring in interviews or old stories like a documentary, show everything in fast moments to upbeat music, or tell your love story to a song that means something to you. Find a videographer whose style you love and capture your day in a way that is meaningful to you. 

8. Not having a videographer is consistently one of the biggest regrets brides have.

It’s no secret that I’ve read a lot of wedding advice. Consistently, the biggest regret I see people say is that they didn’t hire a wedding videographer. I don’t want you to regret anything from your day, especially something that is so intertwined with how you remember and look back on your experience. I can also say that my biggest regret is not hiring a videographer for our rehearsal dinner, because everyone we loved stood up and told stories about their times with us or how they knew we were right for one another. I’ll never hear those stories again and I’ve already forgotten some of them – I do not want you to have that feeling about your wedding day.

By this point, I’m hoping you’re nodding your head and thinking “Yes. Landan’s right. We have to have a videographer for our wedding.” I can’t begin to explain just how much I value our wedding video and I’ve watched it more times that I can count. I have no doubt that you will love yours just as much, and I know that I will love watching yours if you share it with us. In fact, I was selfishly tempted to add “we want to see your wedding video” as point number 9 – because really, I do want to watch it – but I promised you a personal behind the scenes look at our video so it’s time for that instead.

When I booked with our videographer, Lauren, she offered all of our raw video footage as an add on. In my mind, I thought it would be a great opportunity to 1. see some moments that didn’t make it into our wedding video and 2. I could potentially cut together some additional clips with my (very minimal) video editing skills so I had even more to look back on of our day. What I didn’t expect was to be SO blown away by what a professional videographer is capable of.

I’m not sure why, but I kind of had it in my head that there were two major parts to creating a great wedding video. The first part was the quality of video shot on the wedding day. If you don’t have it, you wouldn’t have anything to work with. The second part was the ability to edit the videos into a pleasing order with a good soundtrack to tell a story. Good clips + good editing = good video. What never crossed my mind was how much work would be needed in post production to get rid of all of the stuff and put the focus on you.  There’s so much happening on your wedding day that you might not even realize. The letter reading that Kevin and I shared before our ceremony was one of the most impactful, emotional, and memorable moments from our entire day, but there was a lot happening before and during it. Check out this raw footage to see what I mean:


When the video starts, you hear our videographer saying “okay, y’all are good now, y’all can have your moment” because the 5 seconds before that clip started had two of our groomsmen walking by rolling a wine barrel that literally started falling apart with every step, which caused everyone to start laughing. In just this portion of the video, you can see people walking by in the reflection, hear multiple different voices (including my dad), catch the ceremony/reception music being tested in the background, see me wiping my nose because it was running since it was SO COLD, and you get tons of the wording muffled by the wind. When Kevin was reading his letter, the wind was even worse, believe it or not. I’m thanking my lucky stars that I saw our finalized wedding video before the raw footage, because if this is the first thing I saw I probably would have panicked about what could be done. But, here’s a snippet of our letter reading in the actual professional video:


She transformed the raw footage. She somehow edited through all the stuff and captured us. I can still hear the wind and the music and everything else, but I don’t notice it because it’s background and we are the complete and total focus. I remember how I felt du