From high school besties to happily ever after, Hailey and Cody were just always meant to be! Read about their special day and the advice they have no matter what part of the planning process you are in! 

Long Story Short
We met in high school and what started out as just friends turned into going to senior prom together and then that turned into forever! 

Why They Chose The Chandelier
We chose The Chandelier because of the elegant timelessness of the whole venue. We loved the aspect of the Chapel because it had the feel of a church which we really appreciated. 

Most Memorable Moment
Oh gosh, the whole day from start to finish was absolutely incredible. I think seeing Cody for the first time that day when I was walking down the aisle was just really sweet. Once I saw him, the nerves went away and it was like it was just us there! Getting to celebrate all night with our friends and family was so much fun also!

Their Best Advice
Be present, relax, and enjoy the day! I’m usually the most type A control freak but I really just tried to let all that go on the day of the wedding. I wanted to be present and really live in the moment and that was exactly what I did and it was the best thing I could have done!  

Trust The Process
I really loved the entire planning process and pretty much every part of our wedding day! Dress shopping was one of the sweetest times and really the first time I felt like a bride during the planning process. I think getting ready with all of my girls was one of my favorite parts of the day, just taking in all of the anticipation and excitement leading up to the ceremony and spending quality time with all of my favorite ladies! 

One For The Books
I would literally relive my wedding day a million times over again if I could. It was the most beautiful and special day and I’m so so grateful for all of the family, friends, and vendors that made my dream wedding come to life! I couldn’t ask for a better day to marry my best friend, it’s a day we will look back on and talk about for forever!

Vendor Spotlight
Photographer: Emma Cate McNew Photography
Coordinator: Micah Bridges – Bridges & Co.
Videography: Reverent Wedding Films
Florals: Mo & Co Florals
Catering: Catering by Celebrations
DJ: Cory Hinojosa- DJ Encore
Bar: Bartenders 4 You

Dress: Liv & Love Bridal