We all want to plan “the best wedding ever.” For all of the time and effort that goes in to planning, not to mention the expense, it’s a great feeling when your guests come up to you and tell you it’s the most fun they’ve ever had a wedding, that the food was absolutely phenomenal, how gorgeous everything turned out, and that they didn’t want the night to end. 

Just like you tell each of your friends that they’ll be the most beautiful bride, we don’t mean “the most” or “the best” to mean the one and only, absolute top, best of the best – that’s just not physically possible. There isn’t one “best” wedding out there. They are all phenomenal in their own right and have individual differences that make them wonderful. But that’s not to say that some aren’t better than others. 

When we think about planning the best wedding ever, there are a lot of factors that go into it. Some weddings have the best food or the most gorgeous florals. Others have a dance floor that never empties or unique ideas we’ve never seen before. To be classified as the best wedding, there is one similar thing though: the guests are talking about it long after the wedding is over. 

We’re not saying the bride and groom’s opinion don’t matter. It’s your big day and it TOTALLY should be about what you love and find important. But when it comes down to it, you’re always going to think your day is pretty great because it’s your day. That’s how it should be. Your guests though? They’ve more than likely experienced multiple weddings as a “guest,” so how do you make your wedding stand out to them?

There are three key factors to ensuring you plan the best wedding ever that your guests will enjoy. As an added benefit, they will all make your big day more enjoyable to you, too. 

First, plan a wedding that is comfortable.

At the most basic level, if people are uncomfortable they won’t be happy. We all know Texas weather can be unpredictable, so we’ve done our best to design the chapel to work in a multitude of different weather and temperature situations. If you want to go the extra mile, things like personal fans on hot days, blankets when it’s chilly out, or ushers with umbrellas if it’s raining can make a huge difference. Another place that comfort is key is with your food and drink options. From just having the options and making sure they’re plentiful (especially when people are hungry during cocktail hour) to serving items that people recognize and are comfortable with can make them feel more at home at your wedding. Finally, if you really want to put an emphasis on comfort for your guests, there are a few different options that you can add into your big day. Lounge seating, flip flops to change into for the dance floor, and a stocked bathroom (think Advil, bandaids, breath strips, etc.) are all simple ways to make a big impact.

Second, make sure things are organized and flow well.

Of everything, this is probably the most important: have a good timeline and stick to it. If you run late to your ceremony, have an exceptionally long wait before dinner, or a limited time on the dance floor, your guests will take notice. No one will know if things are going perfectly to time, as long as it runs smoothly overall, but if there are big differences to the norm it’s often noticeable and frustrating. You want your guests to feel like you’ve respected their time. As far as flow goes, thinking through your timeline to create a day that naturally develops and unfolds is an important part of creating the overall wedding day experience.