After being together for less than a year, Alyssa and Travis moved to Texas (welcome y’all!) and proceeded to plan an epic wedding bash filled with memorable moments, touching additions, and gorgeous florals. We’re especially big fans of the intentional moments they built into their timeline, like planning a first touch to share their vows privately and having a last dance at the end of the night, but no matter what stands out the most to you we have no doubt you’ll be able to see the absolute joy radiating from these two. Keep reading to learn more about their big day.

The Love Story

Travis and I actually met online! Tinder lol. Our whole relationship has basically been living out the phrase “When you know, you know”. We met at a restaurant and it was like we were both talking to someone we had known for years. We moved in together just after a couple months of being together. Not even a year into being together Travis got offered a job in Texas, being from out of state this was a huge decision. We were leaving everyone we loved and knew to basically just have each other. We did it though, Travis took the job and we moved across the country together so soon in our relationship. From there everything has just fallen into place, we have two dogs, got engaged at 2 years and got married the year after. We are both true believers that when you know, you truly do know.

Why They Chose The Chandelier

First of all, I have to say thank you to The Chandelier and staff! Every email, every time we visited, the Open House we attended, everything was amazing. The responses were so quick and helpful. The staff were so helpful at the final walk through and on the wedding day! I can’t thank y’all enough!

It is absolutely beautiful!! My mom and I toured 7 other venues, all beautiful but my mind kept coming back to the white chapel. No matter what venue we were touring, I kept thinking of marrying Travis in the chapel with all the trees around us and it would bring tears to my eyes. We came back to The Chandelier after a full day of touring venues and as soon as we drove up and I was back there I knew 100% that, that was where I wanted to get married. Travis actually never saw the venue until the day of our wedding!! He told me the next day that he absolutely understood why I loved it so much.

Most Memorable Moment

Definitely seeing Travis up at the altar. Everyone told me how nervous and serious he looked while he was standing up there alone. They said as soon as I walked through the doors his whole face lit up and it was almost as if his happiness was walking through the door. As soon as I saw his face and saw him tear up I couldn’t wait to get down the aisle to marry him! It was a moment that I will never forget.

Four Legged Friend

The second moment that I couldn’t believe was the deer on the property. There was one that was basically standing in the chapel watching the ceremony with us. After the ceremony when we went out to take pictures he walked straight up to myself and the wedding party. It actually let my nephews hug it and the deer kissed my both of my nephews on the cheek!! (Our photographer got photos of this and it is just the sweetest thing.) Once during the ceremony and once after. I could not believe it. I lost my mom in 2017 and it was obviously a hard day not having her there with me. She never got to meet Travis and I know she would have loved him so so much. Everyone at our wedding said that, that deer was my mom and she was definitely there with us! It was so sweet and something myself and everyone else will never forget.

Their Best Advice

I would definitely tell future brides to not stress about the little stuff. Me being such a planner and OCD lol, I had to make sure everything was perfect and in the perfect place. The day will be perfect no matter what as long as you are with your loved ones and you have the right people there supporting you! Having the people that support you most, leading up to and on your wedding day is the most important!

Fun and Florals

Honestly, I chose to have our invitations come back to me. I was so excited to check the mail and see who was coming!! It was something that I just loved doing, not sure why but it made me so excited every time there was that little white envelope in the mail. My favorite detail would have to be the flowers. Something that was so important to me on my wedding day was flowers everywhere! We definitely achieved that! I loved walking into each part of the wedding and seeing just how beautiful all the florals looked!

Roll Tide

Something that was so funny to me and the reason why I love my NOW husband so much is he loves me for me and supports every part of my life. My family is from Alabama and being Alabama Crimson Tide fans basically runs in our veins. Travis is a die hard Longhorns fan. There is definitely banter and some words exchanged during football season lol! We read our vows privately to each other during a “first touch” before the ceremony. In his vows he said “I vow to always yell “ROLL TIDE” (yelled it at the top of his lungs in the chapel) when Alabama scores a touchdown. I laughed so hard and it was part of his vows that will always put a smile on my face.

Save the Last Dance

We did a last dance in the reception hall with just the two of us! I would tell EVERY couple to do this. It is the last moment where you get to be in your venue as a newly married couple. We soaked up every minute of our dance and just spending those last few minutes alone where we just celebrated our wedding was so special. We danced to Cody Johnson’s – “On my way to you” it is a song that is so special to us and I just remember singing every word with him on that dance floor. I am so glad it is a memory that we will have forever!

Weddings like this always remind us why we love them so much. Alyssa mentioned that she’ll remember moments for years to come and called out the memories that were made. That’s what wedding days are all about. They’re about spending moments with the people that you love, experiencing a day full of special moments with your spouse, and walking away with a lifetime of emotions that you get to relive through your photos, videos, and memories. Alyssa and Travis planned a stunningly gorgeous day, yes, but they also planned a personalized day just for them. Like she said, that’s what makes it so perfect. 

Mr. and Mrs. Taylor’s Vendor Spotlight:

Photographer: Jessica Chole Photography 

Note from Alyssa: Fricking amazing!!!! The sweetest girl and so talented!

Planner: Touch of Whimsy – Cheyanne

Florist: Reiley and Rose

Note from Alyssa: I love them! Such hard workers and they creating amazing flowers!

Videographer: Infinity Video and Photo

Caterer & Linens: Got It Covered

Paper goods: Minted

Bartenders: Bartenders 4 You

Cake Baker: HEB

DJ/Band: Exodus Sound – Josh Klaus

Note from Alyssa: Josh was amazing! His energy is infectious!

Dress Designer: Justin Alexander from Melange Bridal 

Men’s Wear: Men’s Wearhouse

Bridesmaids Dresses: Revelry