Any Aggies following along with our blog posts? We’ve got the wedding day for you, if so! Between their friendship turned love story, nods toward A&M throughout their big day, and nonstop spins on the dance floor, we found ourselves head over heels for Meagan & Tyler. We’re not exaggerating when we say the bride literally did a handstand in her wedding gown, truly bringing their hashtag #FromHandstandsToHoudeks full circle, and every other moment from their day was just as extraordinary. Keep reading to hear about their love story from Tyler’s perspective, find out Meagan’s favorite part of wedding planning, and see all of the maroon they incorporated into their wedding design. 

The Love Story

We met the first day of college in math class and then we saw each other at gymnastics practice that night! She helped tutor me in math, and, well, everything throughout college. We were on the A&M Gymnastics club team all 4 years of college and were always best friends. Junior year I started to think about Meagan as being the woman to spend the rest of my life with, but she was oblivious. She came to San Antonio for medical school and we lightly kept in touch. Two years later I was accepted to dental school at the same health science center, and our lightly keeping in touch became a bit more. One day, Meagan called me saying she needed to go to the ER. I dropped everything to pick her up and take her. Without family in town, all she had at the time was me, and I knew that I would be there for her as long as she wanted me to be. I stayed all night at that ER with her. Several months later I let her know how I felt, and at first she was apprehensive. She ended up wanting to give us a try and since then; we never looked back. We started dating on her match day for residency, and that day I matched too! Nine years after meeting in college and gymnastics, we finally made our friendship one that would last forever! 

Why They Chose The Chandelier 

We chose the Chandelier of Gruene because of its rustic feel. Both Tyler and I are from small towns, went to Texas A&M, and we think dressing up is wearing our cowboy boots out! The Chandelier was the perfect mix of rustic and sophistication we were looking for in our wedding venue. The small chapel is absolutely the most romantic place to get married, and once we saw it we didn’t want to get married anywhere else. The best part of being a Chandelier couple was that we felt so taken care of and loved throughout our journey to Mr. and Mrs.

The Big Moment

We have both decided that the moment we saw each other when I walked down the aisle was the most memorable. I literally didn’t cry or have emotion the whole day until we opened the chapel doors and I saw Tyler staring down the aisle at me. I definitely ugly cried with joy and relief that this day was finally here and my best friend was about to be my husband.

Their Best Advice

Get a wedding coordinator. You don’t realize how many tiny tiny… and again, tiny, details go into wedding planning. It’s so nice to have someone who’s already done this several times walk you through the steps and help you think about the things you may not even know you needed to think about. My wedding coordinator made getting married so much less stressful.

A Very Sweet Bride

I loved getting my dress fitted. As it slowly took on the shape I wanted it to, I slowly felt more and more like a bride. My dress fittings were some of the days I looked forward to! (But I both know we loved cake tasting a lot!)

Love You Mostest

Something Tyler and I always did throughout our dating life was lovingly argue over who loved who “mostest.” On our wedding day, we shared our own written vows and he put he loved me mostest in his vow, and I didn’t. I gave him the most “I can’t believe you just did that look.” and I think I told him he stunk too under my breath, but I guess it’s official. He loves me mostest. (Even though we both know I really love him mostest)!

We love wedding days like this because every single moment was so genuine. When Meagan held her bouquet in front of her face so she couldn’t see Tyler until the chapel doors were fully open, we just about lost it as she lowered it. And watching the two of them dance the night away? Absolutely priceless. They might have said The Chandelier was the perfect mix and that they didn’t want to get married anywhere else, but as far as we’re concerned, we love these two the “mostest.”

The Houdek’s Vendor Spotlight:

Flowers by Evember

Cakes by Pennington’s Cakes

DJ by Power Sounds

Videography by Ever After Studio

Photography by Lisa on Location

Bride’s Dress & Accessories from Olivia Grace Bridal

Catering by Jimmy Lyn’s

Coordinating by Love Story Addicts

Bartending by Bartenders4You

Hair and Makeup by Prim and Powder