It takes a special type of person to work in the wedding industry. They have to be flexible, personable, and more than anything else, they have to care about the couples that they work with. People get into this industry because they love what they do, but until you’re actually planning your day you don’t realize just how important that is. So, if you’re a little confused why this photo of Kevin performing some dress sorcery is the first one in a post about wedding vendors, for now let’s just say that I find vendors enchanting. The other reason is lower in the post, so you’ll have to keep reading for it. 

Let’s talk about vendors.

Wedding Coordinators have to be able to adjust to a crazy number of situations and keep everything organized.

Officiants have to personalize a ceremony over and over to make it unique to a couple.

Hair and makeup artists have to be able to make a variety of people look stellar and handle multiple personalities.

Caterers have to handle mass volumes in different kitchens while still making it taste delicious.

DJs and Bands have to be able to read a crowd and adjust on the fly.

Florists have a different experience with every single flower and every couple has a different vision.

The list goes on and on.

But photographers? Photographers have to be magic.

Before I get too far into this, let me say that every single wedding vendor deserves 1. all the recognition in the world and 2. a huge hug for making so many couples’ dreams come true. I am not discounting any of them and I could write an entire blog post about the incredible things that they all do, but I wanted to put the focus on photographers today for two reasons. First, people recognize how vital photography is when planning a wedding and it’s often where a big portion of the budget is dedicated to. Secondly, I don’t think people realize just what makes a photographer so magical.

When choosing wedding vendors in general, we always recommend choosing someone that you vibe with. Someone that you will enjoy working with in the months leading up to your wedding and someone that you not only trust to do a great job on your actual wedding day, but that will be a positive presence that day, too. With photographers in particular, it’s also recommended to consider the overall feel of their work and editing. While your weather, destination, and decor may be different, most photographers have a recognizable style of editing that will come through in your wedding day photos. It seems pretty simple, but these two factors multiply like no other when it comes to wedding photography.

Your photographer(s) will be with you all day on your wedding day. Aside from your new spouse, there is probably no one else that you will spend that much time with. They’ll hang out with you in the bridal suite. They’ll be there when you’re down to your undies to finally put your dress on. They’re waiting with you when you’re waiting to walk down the aisle, they’re listening in to your letter reading before the ceremony, they whisk you away for your portraits and they’re on the dance floor right next to you all night long.

And yet, you don’t see them.

Somehow, from those awkward few moments when you first met for your engagement photos or bridal portraits, they’ve figured out how to draw out real smiles from you. They’ve figured out how to be in the room with you yet never be in the way while you’re laughing with your bridesmaids. They know how to fade into the background so it doesn’t feel obtrusive that they’re getting to witness the sweetest personal moments with your new spouse, while still capturing the love in your eyes. I’m not a PDA person at all. I distinctly remember feeling weird kissing Kevin the moment after he proposed because my parents were standing there photographing it. But with our wedding photographers, I never felt uncomfortable.

There’s magic in that.

It’s so important to choose a photographer who you get along with and feels like a friend because they really become your bff on your wedding day. They’re constantly looking at you. They’ll tell you if you need to reapply your lipstick and they’ll fix your veil so you can look your absolute best. They’ll also pose you so you don’t look as awkward and they’ll make portraits fun so you get photos that showcase you as a couple.

And, after the wedding day is over, they’ll use the editing skills that you know you love (remember, you chose them with this in mind) and deliver an album full of photos that you never thought possible. They’ll bring your wedding day to life on the screen in front of you and give you hundreds of memories to look back on.

Now, I know that they’re not actually magicians, but when I went through our wedding album and saw the first photo in this post, you could have fooled me. We didn’t remember taking the photo. It wasn’t a staged shot or something that we planned out. It was purely us interacting as a couple and our photographer captured it.

And that’s the real magic.

Wedding photographers are so good at capturing authentic moments.

The morning after our wedding, one of my bridesmaids looked at me and said our photographer was like a little ninja. She was everywhere and taking photos of everything. I started laughing, because this particular bridesmaid is someone who says it exactly like it is. I will never forget her telling me that she was so confused because every time she looked up it seemed like our photographer was right on us, but she never actually noticed her without looking for her, so she just knew that the photos were going to be incredible.