When it comes to wedding days, one of the most influential aspects of your day will be who you surround yourself with. The people attending your wedding – from guests to vendors – will be in the vast majority of the memories you make on your big day. While they are all important and have a role to play, one of the most influential groups is your bridesmaids. 

From getting ready with you the day-of to dancing the night away with you after you’ve said I Do, there is no one else that will be with you as much as they will be on your wedding day. 

And, if we’re being totally honest, they’re also often there with you to celebrate your engagement, through numerous stages of planning, at showers and your bachelorette party. Your bridesmaids are a group of girls that are intimately intertwined with your entire wedding experience. 

So, how the heck do you thank them?!? 

Bridesmaid gifts are a hot topic among a lot of brides and on wedding forums. From the super unique to perfectly sentimental, we’ve seen a ton of bridesmaid gifts come through our doors over the last few years. While no one expects to get anything, giving gifts to your bridal party can be a fun way to not only personalize your day but also show the people who mean the most to you just how much you appreciate them. 

With hundreds of different gifts ideas out there, it can be hard to figure out where to start with what to get your girls. And, depending on how big your bridal party is, your personal style, how many weddings you and you girls have been in, and what type of gift you’re on the hunt for, there’s no one answer for everyone. But, if you’re looking for somewhere to start, here’s a list of some of our favorite bridesmaid gifts plus the two things that EVERY bridesmaid should get from their bride. 

Wedding Day Necessities 

On the practical side of things, if your budget allows it something super sweet to do for your girls is to pay for things that they would otherwise have to pay for as a part of your wedding. Things like their dresses, hair and makeup, accessories, or hotel for out of town weddings are all potential options to cover for them.

Custom Jackets 

If you’re considering a denim or leather jacket for yourself, a fun option is to also get them for your girls. Not only will it make for great pictures on your actual wedding day, but if you personalize them with names instead of “bride’s babe” then they’ll be more likely to get use out of them for years to come, too.

Makeup Pouches & Weekender Bags 

We love a good bag and can never get enough of them. Since letter patches are so in right now, we highly recommend snagging a cute makeup pouch, tote bag, or overnight bag and personalizing them for your girls. Etsy has a ton of patches that are self adhesive or iron on, too, so you don’t even have to know how to sew to make it happen.


Candles may seem like an odd choice of gift, but there are SO many specialty ones out there now that make it a perfect option. From funny sayings to custom scents to choosing a fragrance inspired by your wedding day, candles are a great way to let your bridesmaids take your wedding day home with them and be reminded of it for months to come.

Personalized Necklaces 

Name necklaces, birth stone necklaces, individual dainty necklaces that fit each girls’ style – the options are endless. We know someone who wanted to celebrate love on her wedding day – especially because just about everyone attending the wedding was in a committed relationship – so she had the significant other of each of her bridesmaid write the girls name out to make into custom necklaces. Truly one of a kind gift that also had a sentimental meaning.

Unique Getting Ready Outfits

There are SO many options for getting ready outfits. From pajamas and robes to athleisure and plaid, gifting your girls with an outfit they look and feel good in is a wonderful option. We especially love when the outfits are thought out to coordinate with the wedding day, whether it’s with incorporating the colors or using embroidered shirts for Cinco de Mayo wedding. As an added bonus, it has a practical use the day of the wedding (y’all know we’re all about photos) and then they get to take it home and reuse it.

Custom Tumblers 

Big or small, custom tumblers are the perfect way to cheers to your favorite ladies. Use them for the bachelorette party or wedding day to keep everyone drinks identified, then send them home for years of use afterwards. The cups we’ve received from various weddings are some of our favorites and always make us think of the big day fondly.