One of the biggest things to consider when planning your wedding day is how you want the day to look and feel. There are so many aspects that go into it, but none are more influential than how “big” your big day will be. When choosing your guest count, it’s not just about who is going to be celebrating with you or what size venue you need to book. It also influences the entire vibe of the wedding, can determine how much you have available to spend per guest, can adjust how you plan out your timeline or what type of dinner services you can do, and give you more flexibility all around.

We love weddings of all sizes, but there is something inherently special about intimate weddings. They tend to put a focus on the guest experience and being reflective of the bride and groom’s personal style and preferences. Since most intimate weddings include 75 guests or less, it means you have less people to worry about and more time to soak it all in with just the people that are closest to you. Truly, there is so much to love about them, but here are some of our favorite reasons why an intimate wedding may be right for you:

You get more time with each person

Quite simply, your wedding day goes fast. With intimate weddings, there are fewer people to talk to, which means you get more time with each person. Whether it’s taking the time to sit and chat with them, taking pictures in the photo booth together, spinning around on the dance floor, or setting up your dinner where you can see everyone, smaller weddings are great for quality time with your guests.

Everyone is friends

One of the most interesting social aspects of intimate weddings is that everyone becomes friends, even if they don’t know each other beforehand. Because the guest list is so small, everyone who’s there knows that it was an honor to be invited and that they’re surrounded by other people that you love. It means that people are quick to strike up conversations with others that they don’t know and tend to let loose a little quicker with the smaller group. A lot of people worry that there won’t be a “party” atmosphere with the smaller group, but from our experience intimate weddings keep the dance floor just as filled, if not more so because people are made to feel so comfortable.

You have more options

With intimate weddings, the options are endless. You can set up the tables in so many different ways. You have more food and serving options. There’s more flexibility in your timeline because everything moves quicker, meaning you can do whatever you want. Since it’s also only people who you really really love, pretty much anything goes and you don’t have to do anything traditionally. While these are all things you can do with larger weddings too, it’s a lot easier with intimate weddings and one of the biggest benefits. Take advantage of the smaller group to truly make it one-of-a-kind.

Only the absolutely most important people are there

This one is easy: when you’re having an intimate wedding, you get to tell people that the guest list was small and that’s why they weren’t invited. Instead of it becoming a reunion of people you only see once a year and a list of great aunts and second cousins that you’ve potentially never even met, it’s only your absolute favorite people. It’s the people that bring you joy and who your day wouldn’t be the same without. There’s less drama and less expectations, meaning more fun and more relaxation.

It’s a unique experience for most guests

Intimate weddings put a huge focus on the guest experience because everyone is more involved when things are scaled down. A lot of guests haven’t been a part of an intimate wedding before, but even if they have each one is so completely different because of all of the unique opportunities that intimate weddings provide. It’s truly a special experience to be a part of. Beyond that, though, intimate weddings are really memorable because they are so customized for the couple and a bit of a diversion from the typical wedding day, meaning your big day will be one your guests will talk about for years to come. 

You get more time for you

With big weddings, there’s often a lot you’re trying to accomplish in a limited timeframe. Intimate weddings, on the other hand, lend themselves to a more relaxed timeline where you can build in plenty of personal moments. Instead of feeling like you have a lot of guests that you need to attend to, you can rest assured that your closest friends and family are fine by themselves and take the time to share a meal with just the two of you or sneak away for a private cake cutting. The wedding day is all about you, so it makes sense to try to get some time with just the two of you to relish the moment.

You need less of everything

With big weddings, little things add up quick, so concessions are often made to keep the budget in check. With intimate weddings though, you have fewer tables and fewer people, meaning it’s easier to justify a splurge on table centerpieces or those gorgeous glass chargers. Things will still add up, of course, but fancy silverware x50 people is a lot less money than fancy silverware x250 people. What this really boils down to is the opportunity to splurge on things that are important to you – from decor to food – to really customize certain aspects.

Whether you decide to have an intimate wedding, a big celebration, or somewhere in between, there is no right or wrong answer. Determining the size of your guest list can feel like a daunting task, but once you get it solidified you can truly get into the fun part of wedding planning – designing what your day will encompass. If you’re still undecided on whether you want a small or big wedding, really think about the weddings you’ve been to and what you enjoyed the most from them. Then, consider how you like to spend your time and what you picture your wedding day looking and feeling like. While both small and big weddings can be a blast and be beautiful, they are completely different experiences that will leave you with different memories. Neither one is better than the other, but one is often a better fit for you. Go with your gut, stick to your guns, and soak up every bit of the crazy, fun, and crazy fun planning experience to come.

Boho Styled Shoot Vendor Spotlight:

Photography: Ivette West Photography

Venue: The Chandelier of Gruene

Planning & Design: Scarlet Rose Events

Floral: Root and Wilde Floral Design

Rentals & Styling: Rustic Romance Rentals

Bar: Bartenders 4 You

Balloon Installation: Balloons Boutique SA

Stationery: Girl General

Calligraphy: Lazy Creek Designs

Bridal Gown: Lillian Mae Bridal

Suit: The Black Tux

Custom Jumpsuit: A.Cherie

Hair: The Swich Up Hair Solutions

Makeup: Vickey Lee

Cake: Cakes By Cathy Young

Donuts: Donut Darlin’