Hey y’all, it’s Landan! The morning after our wedding, I sat out on the patio with a couple of my girlfriends who are getting married in the near future and they asked me what I would have changed when planning and what my biggest piece of advice was post-wedding. This is what I told them, plus a few other notes I thought of after the fact. Within my explanations below, I often note on the chaos or crazy that we experienced. If you don’t know me, we dealt with insane weather on our wedding day. A random one-day cold front came through the day of our wedding, we were under tornado watches that morning, and had sustained 25+mph winds the entire day. I also had issues with two of our vendors who just had a straight-up bad day. I’m not naming names because I truly believe that what they showed up with was in no means representative of their typical work, but I do note on it briefly so I just wanted to put it all out there so you wouldn’t be confused.