This entire day had sweet sentimental touches that really just melted your heart. From the fairytale small town love story, to happy tears down the aisle and energetic reception, the Schmidts were so fun to celebrate!

The Love Story

James and I are both from the small town of Cleburne, Texas. He was two grades above me and ended up moving his sophomore year of high school while I was still in 8th grade, so we never actually got to know each other when he lived there. However, when we were young, his parents bought my parent’s house from us! So we grew up in the same home! Our parents knew each other, our sisters knew each other because they were in the same grade, but it took awhile for James and I to finally get to know each other. We followed each other on social media because we knew of each other and had mutual friends. It is funny because when I was a freshman in college I remember James posting pictures on social media from his fishing trip one weekend and I thought in the back of my mind, “I need to keep this guy in mind.” I still don’t think James believes that actually happened. He ended up sliding into my DMs on Instagram in January 2019 (lol, he hates that because he is old fashioned) and it completely caught me by surprise. We have been talking every day since and did long distance for 2.5 years before settling down in South Texas together with our two dogs.

Why They Chose the Chandelier

The Chandelier just felt like us! We are both Christians and wanted the feel of getting married in a church and the Chapel was PERFECT for that! The Chapel is absolutely stunning. There was also so much space to invite all of the people we love! The outdoor patio is perfect for cocktail hour and people who want to mingle and play outdoor games!

Second, The Chandelier topped every venue we went to because of the PEOPLE! We toured on a Saturday morning and there was a wedding that day. I remember seeing someone professionally cleaning the windows in the chapel that morning to prepare for the big day ahead. The Chandelier cares about the little details! No one wants dirty windows on their wedding day! The landscaping is immaculate and the venue overall is so clean and well kept. You can tell it is family owned! Haley and Chelsea are AWESOME! They are kind, helpful, quick to respond, and honest! I never felt left in the dark. The venue we went to tour after The Chandelier was corporate owned.. And you could tell! The Chandelier is easy to get to and right outside of town! You have to think of those things when you consider elderly guests and people getting home safely in the dark. Another silly but important thing… The Chandelier has the best parking lot! So much space and so easy to walk on. Another venue we toured had a small, gravel parking lot and it happened to rain when we were there. There were rain puddles all over the gravel, so it was dirty for shoes and would have been hard for grandparents to walk on.

The best part about being a Chandelier Couple is you are well taken care of! They answer any questions, point you in the direction of the best vendors that fit you, don’t blindside you with unexpected costs, and the day of the wedding they have someone there to make sure everything runs smoothly! The Chandelier really felt like it was a true reflection of us as well. And a bonus is every guest telling you it was the most beautiful wedding and venue they have ever been to!

Memorable Moments

For me as the bride, it was walking down the aisle. Seeing my handsome groom at the altar knowing we have already built a beautiful life together for the past 3 years but knowing the best is still yet to come. Seeing him standing with my grandmother who was marrying us was so surreal to me. She has helped shape me into who I am, influenced my spiritual beliefs, and a true example of the wife I want to be. Walking down and taking in everyone that came to support us as we became one. Walking with my dad who has been my #1 my entire life and knowing he was confident I chose a good man for him to give me away to. Seeing everything that we planned for over a year finally come together beautifully. It was the best moment and an emotional one as I cried down the aisle!

Their Best Advice

DO NOT AND I REPEAT DO NOT STRESS!!! You will never be in this season of life again as you plan to marry your person! Everyone talks about “bridezillas” and weddings being so stressful! I was never once stressed. The key to that is choosing vendors that are there for YOU! Every single vendor the day of the wedding asked us if we needed water, if we needed to sit down, etc… They were there to make sure it was the best day ever for us. Secondly, if something starts stressing you out, either walk away from it and come back later or just don’t do it at all! I promise on the day of the wedding you won’t even be thinking about the fact that maybe one of the letters on your bar sign isn’t perfectly straight. All that matters is that you are marrying your person! And don’t invite people that may be criticizing your bar sign anyways!

Couple Favorites

The FLOWERS – OMG! Absolutely breathtaking!! I never knew flowers could represent us… But I truly felt like they did and were both of our style! Reiley + Rose is amazing at what she does!

We also used Sugar Clouds Cotton Candy and that was a HIT for everyone – kids and adults! I have always loved cotton candy so when I saw them on Instagram I knew I had to have them at our wedding!

Vendor Spotlight

Coordinator – Borrowed & Blue
Florist – Reiley + Rose
Photographer – Lauren Crumpler
Videographer – Limelight San Antonio
Catering – Catering by Celebrations
DJ – Powersounds DJ
Bartending – Bartenders 4 You
Cake – Serendipity Cakes
Cotton Candy – Sugar Clouds
Getaway Car – Comal Classics
Hair and Make Up – Blushd Beauty
Dress – Watters Design purchased at @bblewisville on Instagram
Shuttle – Rapid Transit