Hey y’all, it’s Landan. If you’ve been following along with our blogs for a bit, you’ll know that I’m 1. obsessed with weddings and 2. endlessly sentimental. While I wish I could repeat our wedding day again and again, I live vicariously through our couples until I can convince my husband to agree to marry me again. So, with that said, while I use “I” in the blog, I’m showing off photos of Mr. and Mrs. Behnsch today because they are simply beautiful. I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I do.

Within a couple weeks of being engaged, I was gifted a countdown calendar. I excitedly flipped the blocks for over 365 days, getting more and more pumped that the wedding day was FINALLY almost here. When we hit double digits, it started to feel so real. I honestly thought that it would just be pure excitement and giddy happiness at that point. Sure, there would be stress added in that naturally comes with wedding planning, but towards the actual getting married part? I was expecting nothing but happiness. And I felt it, until about 30 days out, when a new feeling showed up: bittersweet. 

Don’t get me wrong – I was beyond excited to get married. I couldn’t wait to say I Do and start life with my husband by my side. There was absolutely nothing relating to the marriage itself that had me worried. But I wasn’t ready for the wedding that I had been planning for months to just be over so soon. 

I thought I was alone in that emotion for awhile, but as I watched more and more of my friends get married I saw them go through the same thing. I saw their eyes light up when they saw their flowers and decor finally together at the same time while also hearing the wistfulness in their voice that they knew it was only for that one night. You’re ready for the wedding, you’re just not ready for the wedding to be over. 

That’s okay. 

Of course my biggest recommendation is to hire a bomb photographer and videographer team so you can relive your day over and over again. Nothing will compare to that. But, there are always ways that you can make intentional choices while wedding planning to give your items a second life. It’s a small way of bringing your wedding home with you. 

As an added bonus, it allows items to serve double duty. Because let’s be honest – weddings can get expensive. And as easy as it is to get wrapped up in wedding planning and pinteresting and customizing everything you can, it’s painful to spend all that time and money on something that you’ll never use again. 

Here are our favorite items to give a second life to after the wedding is over:

Wedding Signage

Bar signs, welcome signs, and neon signs are some of the best options for giving your items a second life long after the wedding is over. While you won’t typically reuse anything that says “welcome to our wedding,” you absolutely can repurpose a sign that has just your names on it. If you’re still in the planning stages and want to intentionally choose signage that can be reused for years to come, some things to think about are where you would place it in your home and how to make it true to you as a couple, not true to you as a bride and groom. For example, bar signs that have a list of every single drink are super specific to the wedding, but custom signage with your dog’s face on it, like Bella’s Bar, or signature drinks inspired by your name would look great in the bar space at your house. Similarly, avoiding dates on your welcome sign means you could use it as a welcome sign in your entry or as mantle decor. With neon signs, name signs (“The Williams”) are generally more likely to be reused than wedding-themed quotes (“happily ever after”) or wedding hashtags. It’s not to say you can’t use these things – you totally can if you want to! – but it is something to think through if you know you want to use them again.

Cups, Koozies, and Napkins

Cups, koozies, and napkins are one of the most popular items to customize for a wedding day, and with good reason. People always enjoy them, they’re a relatively inexpensive way to add customization throughout the entire reception space, and the leftovers are great to take home and use for future get togethers. We’ve had friends send us pictures using the koozies years after our wedding and we still grab the leftover cups when we want a throw-away cup (we had a ton left over because the bartenders accidentally lost a box, but that’s another story). This is a another spot where keeping the design to your first names or new last name can make them less wedding-specific, but with the nature of what they are it’s still fun to use them even if they scream wedding day.