We have so many hopes for your wedding day. We hope it’s everything you’ve dreamed of. We hope it’s surrounded by your favorite people. We hope the weather cooperates, your vendors perform how you expect them to, and that you make memories that will last a lifetime. We hope it’s one of the greatest days of your lives, and that your marriage is even greater. But, my greatest hope for your wedding day – as a recently married bride?

I hope something goes wrong on your wedding day.

Now, hear me out. If you’re still reading, I’m going to assume that a) you weren’t so offended that you immediately exited out of the blog and b) your curiosity got the best of you and you want to know what the heck I’m talking about. I promise I’m not wishing you any bad vibes or negative juju. I hope your wedding day is fantastic, I just hope something goes wrong, too.

The way I see it, there are three types of things that can go wrong on your wedding day.

Type 1: The little things that don’t really matter in the grand scheme of things.

Your cake shows up the wrong color. Your flowers don’t get put in a vase after the ceremony. The balloon photo booth props don’t get blown up. The toss flowers get misplaced. The flower girl’s headpiece somehow doesn’t make it onto her head. The hook and eye on your dress pops off. Your groom never gets mic’d so people don’t get to hear your vows. You have to move a table or arrangement on-the-fly. The officiant drops your Bible, twice. The ring bearer starts pulling the wagon from the wrong spot so it takes a solid 5+ minutes for him to get down the aisle.

And yes, these are all things that happened at my wedding, and there’s plenty more I didn’t list. I think these are the type of things people warn you about when they say something will probably go wrong on your wedding day. Even with the sheer number of things that went wrong on ours, I still believe that these aren’t necessarily things that have to happen. That said, I think a lot has to go right for them not to happen, and a HUGE round of applause to you if nothing goes wrong here, but know that it’s okay if it does.

Trust me when I say that I had everything worked out. I dotted every i and *thought* I crossed every t (read our lessons learned blog post here if you want to see want I missed). I can’t tell you the number of people who came up to me afterwards and told me they knew it wasn’t actually funny, but they did think it was comical how much went wrong, to me of all people. These are not what I’m wishing to go wrong for you, by any means, but I did want to point them out. I truly believe it goes to show that you can plan for so many things, but sometimes things just happen. Which leads me to the next type of thing that can go wrong…

Type 2: The totally out of your hands. 

THE. TEXAS. WEATHER. I don’t care if you’re having a New Braunfels Wedding, Houston Wedding, Dallas Wedding, San Antonio Wedding, Austin Wedding, Fredericksburg Wedding, or getting married in The Middle of Nowhere, Texas. It’s highly possible to have something unexpected happen with Texas weather. In our case, rain, tornado warnings, hail, sunshine, random 1 day cold front, and 25+ mph winds. I would never ever wish something with the weather to go wrong on your wedding day, just to be clear. But, again, it’s okay if it does.

Things that also fall into this category: your second shooter rolling their ankle walking away from your ceremony, people having to miss your wedding because of sickness/personal reasons, and changing your planned grand exit due to wind.

There is really nothing you can do about these type of things going wrong, aside from hiring professional vendors that can make it work, regardless of what happens. I probably need to dedicate an entire blog post at some point about how each vendor plays different roles on your day and how incredibly important it is to have a team that can adjust to unforeseen circumstances, but just know that you literally never know what’s going to happen on your big day so you want reliable people in your corner.

So, what do I actually want to go wrong on your wedding day?

Type 3: The did that really just happen? 

These are the moments that you’ll remember the most from your wedding day, that you’ll tell stories about and laugh about for years to come. You can’t plan for them and you definitely don’t expect them, but when it’s all said and done they are inherently true to who you are as a couple. Of course you’ll remember the sweet moments and all of the emotions that come in to play on your day, but these moments are the fun, the *slightly* crazy, and the totally wouldn’t-be-your-wedding-without-it moments. When I say I hope something goes wrong on your wedding day, this is what I mean. I don’t want something to go wrong that negatively impacts your big day or makes things more difficult for you. I just know from experience that a “perfect day” is somehow made even more perfect by having something go wrong. I just hope it’s the right type of wrong.

I don’t know what yours will be on your big day, but I’ll tell you about a few of mine.

1. Our ring bearer was pulling a wagon with our flower girl in it. I mentioned above that it took him forever to get down the aisle. What I didn’t mention is what happened once he actually got to the aisle. He walked slowly the entire time, delicately pulling the wagon. Once he got about halfway down our aisle, he realized he knew where he was going and took off at a dead run. There was a concrete lip about 2 feet in front of where he started running, so about 4 of the guests sitting right there launched themselves out of their seat to try to slow him down to help him over the lip. All worked out and he proceeded to the front of the aisle, where he promptly dropped the handle at my to-be-husbands feet and walked back to his seat. Completely abandoned his wagon. Not at all how we planned that entrance, but adorable and a sweet moment that multiple guests told me about after the ceremony.

2. My sweet, sweet husband spilt an entire glass of red wine on my wedding dress during the reception. Still haven’t completely gotten that out of my dress, but I don’t care now and I honestly didn’t care then. Everyone was so worried that I would be upset, but truly I just was focused on getting back on the dance floor. If this does happen to you though, club soda (or Topo Chico) works wonders for a quick fix.

3. This is, hands down, my favorite story from our wedding because I have never experienced a moment that was so true to who we are as a couple. During our cake cutting, Kevin and I made the first slice into the cake, then he proceeded to lick the knife before we made the second cut to be able to pull the slice out to actually eat. We swapped over to using the cake server instead to slice, so I thought no big deal and continued on to finish cutting the cake. You know how most people feed the first bite of cake to each other at their wedding? Yeah, Kevin fed himself. Here’s the video to watch the moment play out:


See, I never could have planned these moments. Nor did I ever think I would have needed to tell Kevin what happens in a cake cutting, especially right after our photographer and coordinator told us what to do. But it was hilarious, I still laugh about it over six months later, and it only happened because something went “wrong.”

Remember that you’re planning a wedding, not a styled shoot or a selection of highlight photos from Instagram and Pinterest. If you just saw our photos and video from our wedding day, you’d never know that my Father-in-law turned blue from the cold during our portraits or that my mom literally chased our cake designer into the parking lot to try to get the color closer to our actual wedding colors before guests started arriving. I don’t tell you about all of the things that went wrong on our wedding day to say that it was any less special or that I wish they didn’t happen, but to tell you that IT’S OKAY. Weddings are so stressful and we (the brides) tend to put so much pressure on having everything go perfectly, which is pretty much impossible. I truly hope everything goes wonderfully for you, and I know everyone at The Chandelier does, too. But, I also hope (a type 3) something goes wrong, because I want you to have stories and memorable moments. I want it to be real life for you, not a magazine spread, highlight reel, or Pinterest board.

Vendor Spotlight:
Photography & Videography by ML Photo and Film
Flowers by Reiley + Rose
Hair and Makeup by Elizabeth James Salon
Dress by Watters 
Ties by Knotty Ties