With today’s blog, we’re showing photos from Emily and Rafael’s wedding. We’re not saying they did or did not DIY anything, but their day was absolutely gorgeous so we had to include it for inspiration.

One of our favorite things about the weddings our couples throw is how unique and different every single one is. No two weddings are exactly alike and each of them have personal touches that make them perfect for each individual couple. So, no matter what kind of day you’re planning, we have no doubt that it will be beautiful and customized just for you.

From intimate celebrations to grand affairs, we’ve worked hard to design a venue that will inspire a multitude of different couples. We’ve seen a ton of unique ideas brought to life on wedding days, both by our couples and their vendors, and constantly look forward to what the next wedding day will bring. When it comes to wedding planning, so many little things come to life to create such a special day. From personal momentos to expertly designed centerpieces, it’s all important and meaningful on a wedding day. So, when you start to think of ALL of the things that can go into planning a wedding, it can be easy to get overwhelmed and wonder what you can take care of on your own versus what you should leave to the professionals. 

Before we get into it, we’ll say that there’s no right way to plan a wedding. Whether you want to DIY as much as possible, hire a team to create something completely for you, or land somewhere in the middle of the two, there is no one way that fits every couple. Your availability, budget, vision, creativity, skills, and passions are all things that can help drive your decision on just how much you want to take on personally. 

So, with dozens of decisions and options, where should you start? Here are some of our favorite recommendations for things you can DIY for your wedding day, plus 4 things we think you should leave to the professionals.

Your Invitations

Whether you have the design savvy to start from scratch or use one of the dozens of websites with customizable invitation templates (Minted is a big favorite for a lot of our brides!) there are a ton of different options that will allow you to DIY your invitations. 

Your Escort Cards

There are so many fun ideas for escort cards and place settings all over Pinterest so you can find something that’s perfect for your day. From pressed flowers to mini footballs to individual cookies, escort cards are a fun project to take on in the months leading up to your wedding before trusting your coordinator to set it up perfectly. 

Your Wedding Website

We’re big proponents of having a wedding website, but there’s no reason you have to spend a lot to have one. Check out our blog here for everything we think you should include. 

Your Wedding Day Attire

We’re not suggesting you make your wedding dress or jewelry, though if you have the talent to do so then all the power to you, and can you customize something for us? Curating your look and taking time to find the perfect pieces – from jewelry to shoes to your veil – will help ensure you’re feeling your absolute best on your wedding day. 

Your Wedding Signs 

Welcome signs, bar signs, chair back signs, punny cake table signs, the list goes on and on. Wedding signs are especially easy to DIY if you or a friend have a Cricut, but good handwriting works too. 

Your Fun Details

Whether it’s your vow books, a funky pair of shoes to change into for the reception, a custom ring holder for your flat lay photos, or picture frames filled with your loved ones, there are so many fun details that you can add to your big day to personalize it more. Remember that DIY doesn’t necessarily mean making it yourself, but also the hunt to find the perfect items. Etsy is a big help with this!