With Chloe and Matthew, Instagram quickly became our favorite social media site. From it reconnecting them after their teen years to introducing them to The Chandelier, it certainly played a big role in them walking down the aisle. Keep reading to hear about their love story, learn why they almost decided to elope instead, and see how their friends helped make it the best day ever.

The Love Story

Matthew and I met when we were about 15/16 years old. We met at a church festival and then found out we actually went to the same high school & even had the same lunch period. Oddly enough we had never run into each other at school, it was as if God wanted us to meet at this festival. We dated all through high school, but went our separate ways once I graduated (I was one grade above him). We lived our lives separately for about 8 years before he reached out to me through an Instagram message. During our years apart, we both grew as individuals and had been taught many life lessons in between. Taking Mathew up on his offer to go to brunch was the best decision I ever made. We spent that entire day together and honestly couldn’t be apart too long from each other. It truly was meant to be.

Why They Chose The Chandelier

I found out about The Chandelier through an Instagram post from a friend who had gotten married there a couple of years ago. Shortly after Matt proposed I reached out to this friend to provide me with more details. It was a venue that I knew I always wanted to celebrate my wedding at. Matt and I attempted to search for other venues but I just could not settle for any other place.

Their Best Advice

In regards to planning a wedding, I’d say try not to stress. I know it’s easier said than done, but honestly when the actual day comes you won’t even notice the small details you thought you cared about. The only thing that matters that day is marrying the love of your life and having fun with all the people you all love & cherish. Matt and I experienced a lot of disappointment/heartbreak upon waiting for our day to come. First it was planning a wedding despite being in a global pandemic, then it was being told we couldn’t get married at my husbands dream church, then it was our wedding coordinator quitting on us 30 days before the actual day, then it was the Texas Winter storm that made us postpone our entire wedding for a whole month. LOL, it’s funny now, but at the time each one of those events was stressful and sad. We eventually reached a point where we both considered just eloping. However, we both knew we deserved the wedding of our dreams and what’s one more month when we have a whole life-time to share? We were worth the wait & The Chandelier team reassured us and helped us every step of the way.

Enjoying the Moments

I love planning things in general, so planning my entire wedding was great! I really enjoyed the getting ready part with my bridal party on the actual wedding day. My friends made it so fun & memorable.

Vendor Shoutout

I really enjoyed working with Amber from Vixen hair & makeup! She works super quick and efficiently; loved her and the team she brought. Everyone was super nice & welcoming. My wedding coordinator was great too!

Maid for You

My maid of honor, Sonia, was the absolute best that I could ever ask for. She made sure I had nothing to worry about, made sure my dress was always perfect, and just took care of everything for me without me having to ask for anything. She made sure all communication was handled among the wedding party and also made sure my family was doing okay. Oh & did I mention she did all this while being a brand new mom who had only been one month into motherhood at that point?! Lol

The De La O’s make us so happy because they are a testament to the fact that your wedding day is all about you and everything that goes into it is so worth it. We’re so glad they trusted us and the rest of their team and pushed forward to have the wedding day they dreamed of, even when Texas weather threw them for a loop and made them push it a month. We enjoyed ourselves so much celebrating with them because we knew just how much they were looking forward to their day and focused on celebrating every little moment of it. And truly, that’s all you can ask for out of your big day.

The De La O’s Vendor Spotlight:

Photography: Lisa on Location

Hair and Makeup: Vixen Hair and Makeup

Bartending: Margarita Madness

Catering: Got it Covered Events