We always love hearing about what initially draws our couples to us. For Bryanna and Travis, they landed on a New Braunfels wedding since it was the middle ground for their two families. It may have been a bit of luck that our little pocket of the hill country ended up being the perfect location for them, but it was more than just luck that played a role in the togetherness that took place on their wedding day. As you read this blog, you’ll see gorgeous floral arrangements, go green with envy over their color palette, and witness just about every photo looking like it’s coming straight out of a fairytale (especially the fireplace photos). You’ll also hear about togetherness – them coming together, the sweetest moments they shared together, and the people they were together with. Mr. & Mrs. May planned a stunning day, but what’s even more stunning is just how much love came through when Bryanna told us about it from her perspective. Keep reading to see what we mean.

The Love Story

Meeting Travis was pure fate. We both moved to College Station for school in 2014. Not only was he my neighbor, but his roommate and my roommate were siblings – meaning they were constantly over at our apartment. Pretty quickly Travis asked me out on a date and I of course agreed, but the day of the actual date I came down with the flu. Instead of cancelling the date, I invited him over to watch The Office… and after that day I realized we would be better off as friends. He, on the other hand, did not give up. He continued pursuing me for the next few years, but I would insist that we were just “best friends.” I eventually said yes to another date, and it was the best decision I have ever made. Three years later, pretty much to the date, we got married!

A little side note: our recessional song that played as we walked out of the chapel was The Office theme song as a little tribute to our start!

Why They Chose The Chandelier

Growing up when I pictured my future wedding day, there were always two constants – a long train on my wedding dress and a white chapel. When looking for the midpoint for both of our families, we found that the New Braunfels area was the perfect middle – and is just a GORGEOUS area overall. I started looking in the area, and the first venue to pop up was The Chandelier of Gruene. I fell in love with the pictures and knew we had to see the venue in person. Travis and I traveled to tour it, and immediately knew it was the venue for us. We fell in love with the chapel, the hall was amazing, and the deer just made it all the more special. The Chandelier was the best possible choice for us. Not just because of the venue, but the staff were a joy to work with. Every single time I called, emailed, or even wanted to stop by, they were more than happy to answer my questions and lend a helping hand.

Memorable Moments

It’s hard picking one most memorable moment from a day that felt like such a dream… so here I’m going to list my top four:

  • Hearing The Office theme song come on over the speakers right after marrying the love of my life, seeing all of our loved ones cheering as we made our way out of the chapel, and stopping to ring the chapel bells. So much joy filled my heart at that exact moment. I wish I could bottle it up and keep that feeling forever.
  • Travis and I wanted to save our personal vows for each other, and only say traditional vows at the actual ceremony. After photos while the cocktail hour was going on, he and I snuck away from the party to the groom’s suite. We had 15 minutes set aside on the wedding day timeline specifically for this. During that time, we shared appetizers and recited our personal vows to each other. We originally did it because we were both too nervous to share them in front of everyone, but it ended up being such a special moment that I’m glad we kept private.
  • The private last dance at the end of the night in an empty venue. Travis wanted to pick the song for the last dance – Die a Happy Man by Thomas Rhett – and while the guest were outside waiting with their sparklers, Travis and I spent those minutes loving on each other and discussing how perfect the night went. We had a few moments of peace after a long day of crazy, but beautiful and fun, chaos.
  • The final most memorable moment I want to mention was having a first look with some of my favorite people. We did two separate first looks, one with my bridesmaids, my bridesman, mother-in-law, and mom, & one with my dad. Seeing their reactions was so heartwarming, and just made me more excited for the day.