If you’ve read any of our blog posts, and especially if you’ve read our post about my biggest downfall when I was planning my own wedding, you’ll know that one of my biggest passions with wedding planning is how unique every single one is. There is nothing that makes me happier than opening up a wedding album and seeing a couple’s personality shine through. So, while I’m using “I” throughout this post and giving you my opinions, the photos are all from the Gawlik’s wedding day.

I’m always here for an opportunity to show off our couples and I truly love seeing how y’all customize your day to make it completely and totally yours. Perhaps services like LED Display Hire can come in handy and complement in your wedding celebration.

It’s why I’ve written posts about how to get the best detail photos, crafting a cocktail hour your guests will love, why you should hire a wedding florist, designing your ceremony, and the easiest way to personalize your wedding.

But today’s post? Today’s post is one of my favorites in the customization world.

It’s not about the literal dozens of places you can place a monogram (seriously – your invitations, koozies, napkins, menus, escort cards, cups, dance floor, this list goes on and on). Nor is it about the fact that just about everything is something that you can customize for your day, because every wedding is unique in it’s own way, and the whole process of wedding planning inherently means you’re making individual choices.

Today is about customizing the things that let you showcase your personality and who you are as a couple. They’re a little bit louder than run of the mill custom wedding products and they more than likely will not make you famous on Pinterest – and that’s what I love the most about them. They are all about you. They may not make sense to anyone else, but they are absolutely perfect because they are yours. They might take a little bit of time to figure out exactly what to do to make them truly unique to you, but trust me when I say they will bring you so much joy when you look back through your wedding album. The color of your bridesmaids dresses, the texture of the linens, the table layouts and flower choices and dinner selections matter – they’re what come together to make your wedding day and they’re the traditional choices most brides think of when they’re planning their wedding day. I’m not discounting those customizations in any way. You may have an idea to make one of those things super specialized to you – like using a caterer that will make one of your family recipes –  and I love that, but those choices aren’t my focus today. Instead, this list includes some things that a lot of weddings don’t even have. It includes things that you don’t need or have to have. They’re just some really fun options to let your weirdness, your quirkiness, and your total you-ness shine.

If you’ve hung with me till here, thanks for listening to my rambling passion about making your wedding day unique. Let’s get to the list.

The Welcome Sign

I’m not talking about a “welcome to the wedding of ___ & ___” or a “best day ever” with your names underneath it welcome sign here. Those are all fine and dandy, but if you’re going to have a welcome sign why not let your guests know what you’re welcoming them to? Our welcome sign said “Booze, I Do’s, and Bad Dance Moves.” It’s not the most unique, but it definitely told our guests what to expect from the party to come. Maybe you have a theme to embrace, a pun that you can use as a play on words, or a quote that you both love. A welcome sign is one of the very first things a guest gets to see so it’s one of the best places to show your personality off.

The Groom’s Cake

This is probably the most traditional of the items on the list, but I couldn’t not include it because the opportunities are endless. That said, I think it’s a little bit of a misnomer. I don’t believe that the groom’s cake has to be just about the groom. It totally can be, but I really love it when it’s a representation of the couple. Whether it’s a hobby that you share together, a place that’s important to your relationship, a house-divided sports themed cake, or something that I can’t even think of because I don’t know you, I say go for it. I’ve seen cakes with the groom’s face iced onto it, 3D cakes, whisky flavored cake, cakes served with ice cream, and dozens more. It’s also one of the first things I go check out when I go into a reception – since it’s more traditionally utilized, it’s one of the most commonly customized aspects, and it often gives insight into who the couple is. The groom’s cake is something that was important enough for the couple to highlight, and I just think that’s really cool.

The Chair Signs 

I’m going to let you in on a wedding advice: you have to eat at your wedding. You planned out a great menu and your head table is gorgeous, so take the time to enjoy it. From appetizers to desserts, our love-infused wedding dining article covers it all, ensuring a memorable meal for all. Whether you choose to sit by yourselves, at a table with family, or at a table with your bridal party, there are always two chairs that are specifically for you. And, for a lot of couples, those two seats are designated with “Mr.” and “Mrs.” or “Groom” and “Bride” signs hanging on the back of the chair. Just like with the welcome signs, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it, but if you’re taking the time (and money) to have a sign, you might as well make it unique to you. Get signs made that show off your nicknames for one another. Have two parts of a quote hanging on each chair. Create custom Mr. & Mrs. jackets to hang on the backs of the chairs. Invite your florist to create a display tying the two chairs together. Bring in special rental chairs or kick back on a mini love seat for two. Show off your new last name. Whatever you do, know that it doesn’t have to mean anything to anyone else. This one is all for you – they’re your seats to eat your first meal as husband and wife in, after all. 

The Props 

My personal favorite and the only item on this list that has an entire blog post dedicated specifically to it (check it out here). If you’re having a photo booth at your wedding, customize your props so they’re specific to you as a couple. If you have a full wedding theme, embrace that theme to the fullest and have all of the props dedicated to it. But, if you don’t want to spend time making/gathering numerous props, then just throw in a couple that fit you. Whether you include your mascot from your alma mater, blown up photos of you as a kids, a hobby that you have, custom headbands, or something else entirely, you’ll have even more fun going through the photo booth photos because they show off something that’s special to you.

The Story 

Tell your love story. Let people know how you met, funny anecdotes from your relationship, how you got engaged, just share something so people get to know you a little bit more. A wedding day is all about love and you coming together, so take the time to embrace your unique story. You can include it in your ceremony, have it written out on the welcome table, play a slideshow during dinner, or talk about it during a toast to your guests. There were people who knew us throughout the entirety of our relationship that didn’t know the full story of how we met. It’s such a natural way to incorporate “you” into the day.

The Tiny Details 

So this one isn’t as specific, nor is is as easily recognizable to guests, but it is a way that you can build little special elements into your day. The tiny details are all about what you hold close to you and want to see represented in your day together. A custom designed tie, birthstone jewelry, a personalized tie clip or collar stays, fun socks or underwear, a note on the bottom of your wedding shoes, a locket tied to your bouquet. Things that 90% of people will never see or notice, but you know they are inherently true to who you are and they have meaning to you. 

The Fun Facts 

As a unique addition to your reception, include a fun fact about yourselves at each of your tables. Whether it’s random facts about you, places that are special to you, numbers that mean something to you, favorite quotes, or the best marriage advice you’ve received leading up to your wedding day, these are a great way to share tidbits of information that your guests may not know. It’s fun for them to go around the hall and see what was listed at the other tables, and it will be fun for you to look at years from now and see what facts where the most important to you when you were tying the knot.

The Photos 

Maybe not the most unique, but truly the most individualized. The hall at The Chandelier has the most gorgeous foyer that you walk into that is absolutely perfect for a welcome table. Use it to place your bridal portraits, engagement photos, dating selfies, photos of you as kids, wedding photos through the generations, or any other photos that are special to you! Show your photos off. It’s great for you because it gives you an opportunity to get them all together and as an added bonus your guests will enjoy looking at them.

When it comes to making truly unique customizations for your wedding day, it’s all about thinking of your story together. Think about when you met, who introduced you, places that hold special meaning, meals that you love, stories that you tell others, how you got engaged, triumphs you’ve had, goals you want to achieve, and what you love about one another. Most people are surprised when I tell them that I’ve actually learned something new about a couple at every single wedding I’ve been to. It’s because I look for these things. I look for the inspiration that drove their decisions while they were planning. Your guests love you. They want to hear your story and be totally immersed in your wedding day experience. Take the time to plan unique touches – I promise it’s worth it.

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