First and foremost, if you read nothing else in this blog, scroll down to the bottom to see Mr. and Mrs. Loera dancing in the foyer because my jaw dropped when I came across those photos. I’ve seen some stunning photos at The Chandelier of Gruene, and it warms my heart to get to see so many couples looking so dang happy on their wedding days, but there are some photos that just stand out still, and these are definitely some of them. But really, you should keep reading, because Brooke and Dalton Loera put so much love and thought into their wedding day and it is so evident. 

When they chose to tie the knot in Gruene, TX, they were staying true to their hill country roots and planned a wedding that was all about them and their love for one another. With the prettiest velvet bridesmaid dresses, a super lively bridal party that brought joy to, and a couple that lived by some of the best wedding day advice I’ve ever heard, you don’t want to miss this one. Keep reading to see what their reaction was the first time they visited us, the moments Brooke loved, how she felt about wedding planning, and how they made their ceremony and reception truly unique to them.  

The Love Story

Dalton and I have known each other since high school but started dating when we both went to college at Texas State University where we shared many memories. The hill country holds a special place in our heart, so we were so excited to get married right down the road from where our story began 6 years earlier after our first date.

Why They Chose The Chandelier

The Chandelier was the one and only wedding venue we visited. I ran across The Chandelier’s website long before we were engaged and I just knew from the pictures that The Chandelier was it. Once we visited The Chandelier for the first time, I cried the moment I walked into the chapel. Dalton and I knew The Chandelier was our venue and 2 weeks after being engaged, we had our date and venue set. The chapel is the most breathtaking view I’ve ever seen and I cry every time I’m there. The best part of having our wedding at The Chandelier was not only the size of the venue, but the flow of the venue set up. We loved how it was nestled away, set with oak trees which are our favorites, then the distance between the chapel and the hall is perfect. We always envisioned an outside yet traditional wedding and the chapel was just absolutely perfect for us, and let us not forget the grandness of the hall. We had a large wedding (400+) and The Chandelier was the perfect size for that. I will always believe that The Chandelier is the most beautiful venue I’ve ever seen and we still to this day receive compliments on how beautiful it was.

The Planning Process

I LOVED wedding planning. Although many people may not enjoy it, I think its important to cherish because it’s a process you’ll never have again. All of the showers and celebrations leading up to the wedding will pass, and before you know it, your big day will be here and gone. It’s the best day of your life, but it goes by FAST. I think its so important to just take in every moment of that day because although there may be quite a bit going on, that day is about you and your partner becoming one, and all those who come to celebrate the love you share.

Walking Down The Aisle

For both Dalton and I, the most memorable moment was in the chapel seeing each other for the first time as I walked down the aisle with my dad. Dalton and I are very traditional and our wedding encompassed exactly that. The chapel was stunning and had every pew filled with so many of our family and friends there to witness us become one. Our ceremony was full of love, laughter, and happy tears as we read our own vows to each other.