When Taylor and Austin sent us the details from their day, we were drooling over their photos, so we filled this blog up with a TON of them. Y’all – Taylor’s dress was absolute perfection on her, the flower girls and ring bearers were precious, and their exit photos are some of the most unique ones we’ve seen. Add in how they met (plus the person who came to their wedding in honor of it!) and the meaningful tradition they incorporated into their ceremony, and we know you’ll fall in love with these two. Keep reading to see more of their day.

The Love Story

We actually met in a class we were taking – RESM 4050. Austin sat in front of me all semester and asked me on a date on the last day of class. Great timing! We ended up dating for a month and he asked me to be his girlfriend the day I graduated college 5/13/2017. Mr. Rick Grimes, our professor from this class, actually came to our wedding!

Why They Chose The Chandelier

The Chandelier is just absolutely breathtaking. My (the bride’s) parents live in Spring Branch, TX and were able to tour venues for us down there. When they saw The Chandelier, they told us we had to see it too! We fell in love. The Chandelier compared to no other venue and fit into our budget perfectly. It was pure magic.