When Taylor and Austin sent us the details from their day, we were drooling over their photos, so we filled this blog up with a TON of them. Y’all – Taylor’s dress was absolute perfection on her, the flower girls and ring bearers were precious, and their exit photos are some of the most unique ones we’ve seen. Add in how they met (plus the person who came to their wedding in honor of it!) and the meaningful tradition they incorporated into their ceremony, and we know you’ll fall in love with these two. Keep reading to see more of their day.

The Love Story

We actually met in a class we were taking – RESM 4050. Austin sat in front of me all semester and asked me on a date on the last day of class. Great timing! We ended up dating for a month and he asked me to be his girlfriend the day I graduated college 5/13/2017. Mr. Rick Grimes, our professor from this class, actually came to our wedding!

Why They Chose The Chandelier

The Chandelier is just absolutely breathtaking. My (the bride’s) parents live in Spring Branch, TX and were able to tour venues for us down there. When they saw The Chandelier, they told us we had to see it too! We fell in love. The Chandelier compared to no other venue and fit into our budget perfectly. It was pure magic.

Their Best Advice

Things are going to happen! Just don’t panic. The day is about marrying your best friend. The one thing I can recall that happened was that my dad forgot his tie and his belt. My new father-in-law, who is a pilot, had plenty of extra ties and belts in his car! Ha! We were at that point a family already helping each other! So definitely let small stuff go, it’s not really a part of the bigger picture!

Picking Favorites

I loved picking my dress. My now husband would say picking our food. We both had fun and tried to make it stress free as much as we could.

Memorable Moment

The most memorable moment from our wedding day was probably our ceremony. The chapel is so beautiful and our Priest Father Tony O’Donovan from Catholics without a church was the best blessing we could’ve asked for.

The Ceremony

One of the most special things from our ceremony was our Handfasting. 

“Handfasting is a symbol like this. It’s one of the world’s oldest 

wedding traditions and it’s found in cultures all over the world. 

In joining hands, Austin and Taylor symbolize how they

freely offer their lives to one another. And in fastening their

hands together, the ribbon symbolizes how Austin and

Taylor leave this place today with lives now bound up


Austin and Taylor, as I fasten your hands together and tie

the knot, I invite you to reflect on the joy and responsibility

that awaits you. From today, being bound together in the

commitment and intention of marriage means that each of

you is a lifelong, safe place to love and be deeply loved by the


After today, your two stories come together and two sets of

hopes and desires for the future are joined in commitment

and intention.”

I made our Handfasting rope myself and it was just a very special moment.

There are two things that really stood out to us when creating Taylor and Austin’s blog. First, Taylor let us know which photos were her favorites and so many of them were in or around the chapel. It seemed especially fitting once we found out that their most memorable moment was the ceremony itself. We love that they have so many photos they enjoy that are all about the memories surrounding them saying I Do. The second thing was how many of the photos focused on them while showing off the people that love and support them. Their exit photos, the photo from their first dance, their bridal party photos, and the photo of them with their professor – all of them showcase the family that surrounds them. Taylor looked at one of the hiccups from their day and narrowed in on the fact that their family worked together to find a solution. We can’t help but think that the foundation they built on their wedding day will continue to strengthen as they enjoy their marriage together.

The Jones’ Vendor Spotlight:

Music by Exodus Sound Company

Catering by River City Catering

Dessert by HEB Bakery and Emporium Pies

Ice Cream by Pokey O’s Gruene

Photography by Mitchell Bahr Photography

Planning and Florals by Touch of Whimsy

Bar by Bartenders4You

Makeup by Makeup by Missy ATX

Dress from Bridal Boutique of Lewisville