We hope y’all are ready to fall in love, because we are absolutely smitten with The Tylers. From the moment Samantha told us that Hamilton planned their proposal underneath the Century Tree at A&M, we knew that their entire story would be filled with love and romance. With a color palette that we can’t get enough of, the cutest four-legged guest, one of our new favorite wedding exits, and incredible advice sprinkled throughout, you don’t want to miss this one. From what Samantha learned to Hamilton’s most memorable moment to their pastor’s best advice, keep reading to see how this couple planned the perfect day (even with a pandemic and a little bit of rain). 

The Love Story

We first met in August of 2017 in a communication class at Texas A&M University, but we didn’t really start talking until a couple of weeks later when we recognized each other at my (Samantha’s) Lutheran student group that started meeting in the same building as Hamilton’s Episcopal student group. From there, we began writing speeches together for our class and looking for reasons to spend time together.

Hamilton proposed just before my birthday in December of 2018. We had visited the Nutcracker Ballet on campus at Texas A&M, and then as we walked back to the car, we walked under the branch of the Century Tree, which is an Aggie tradition meaning that we will be together forever! Under the tree, he proposed, and then our friends and family jumped out to surprise us. Then we all went back to my house, where I was surprised again by friends and family throwing us a surprise engagement party!

I knew Hamilton was the one when everything just seemed to work out perfectly and fall into place. Nothing felt hard or like it was work. Spending time with him truly brought joy, happiness, and adventure into my life. I think we were made for each other and were brought together for a reason. It seems like it had to be chance that we were in the same communication class at Texas A&M and then met again when our two church groups started meeting in the same building. Now I couldn’t imagine my life without him, and I’m so excited to see what our future together holds.

Why They Chose The Chandelier

We chose The Chandelier because we fell in love with the white chapel church in the hill county, since I grew up in New Braunfels (5 minutes from The Chandelier) and Hamilton grew up in Boerne. We loved how beautiful the venue was and how you could tell so much thought went into every detail. We also really liked having the ceremony and reception at the same place, so our guests didn’t have to drive between two locations. The best part of being a Chandelier couple was that the staff always responded quickly to any questions or concerns we had. 

The Bride’s Favorite Part

I’m not going to lie, everything was so unique and memorable throughout the day, and I am so thankful for all the love and support we both have. After dealing with and adapting to all the changes, uncertainty, and fear that came with COVID-19, the relief of finally getting to have and experience love, joy, and happiness on our wedding day was something I will never forget.

The Groom’s Most Memorable Moment

The most memorable moment for me was seeing Samantha being led down the aisle by her dad, as well as looking into each other’s eyes as we shared our vows.