One of the most defining wedding design factors is what your wedding day colors are. It guides a ton of the decisions, from linens to flowers to bridesmaid dresses. It can be a subtle backdrop or the overall theme of the day. Whether it’s one primary color woven throughout the day, multiple shades of a color, a combination of two complimentary colors, or a color palette that we see splashed around the room, we love to see what our couples do with their wedding colors. After a couple hundred weddings over the years, we’ve seen it all – from the off the wall to the color of the year. And, for the record, they were all perfect for each individual couple.

We’ve done an entire blog post about how to choose your wedding colors, which you can read here, but today we wanted to get more into how you can use your wedding colors. It seems simple, but it’s actually something that trips a lot of people up. If you’ve been dreaming of your wedding for years, you may know exactly what you want it to look like. But, when it comes down to each individual decision, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Whether you use your wedding colors in one application or every single possible opportunity, it’s up to you how prevalent you want your colors to be. We’ve had brides who can say without a moment of hesitation that their color is ____ and it’s obvious. But we’ve also had brides who told us they don’t really have a wedding color, just a general look they’re going for. Whichever end of the spectrum you fall on, here are 10 ways you can bring your color(s) to life for your big day.

Bridesmaid Dresses

The most commonly thought of way to include your wedding colors, and with good reason. We especially love bridesmaid dresses because of the versatility that they offer. You can choose a subtle shade of your color to create a base for everything to build on, fully embrace your color for a splash, or mix and match bridesmaid dresses to bring in more than one color or show off different shades.


Flowers are a great way to incorporate your wedding colors because they give you total flexibility to have as much or as little color as you want. You can have a primarily neutral bouquet with just a couple splashes of your color or a colored ribbon tied around, or you can have the entire bouquet bursting with your colors. Flowers are also a great way to include your wedding colors because there are so many options for where to include them, from inside the chapel to hanging floral displays in the hall. It’s a great way to delicately thread your color throughout the entire wedding day experience or have your color(s) loud and proud everywhere you look.

Ties and Pocket Squares

For a subtle dash of color, including your look in the groom and groomsmen ties and/or pocket squares ensures that your color is always close by to the most important people in the room. Whether you do a solid color, a fun print, or a classic look with just a touch of color, you can choose how much or how little to include your colors here. If you want to take it up a notch, having the groom’s suit in your color – especially if your color is green, blue, or maroon, is a great way to make a stylish impact.