One of the most defining wedding design factors is what your wedding day colors are. It guides a ton of the decisions, from linens to flowers to bridesmaid dresses. It can be a subtle backdrop or the overall theme of the day. Whether it’s one primary color woven throughout the day, multiple shades of a color, a combination of two complimentary colors, or a color palette that we see splashed around the room, we love to see what our couples do with their wedding colors. After a couple hundred weddings over the years, we’ve seen it all – from the off the wall to the color of the year. And, for the record, they were all perfect for each individual couple.

We’ve done an entire blog post about how to choose your wedding colors, which you can read here, but today we wanted to get more into how you can use your wedding colors. It seems simple, but it’s actually something that trips a lot of people up. If you’ve been dreaming of your wedding for years, you may know exactly what you want it to look like. But, when it comes down to each individual decision, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Whether you use your wedding colors in one application or every single possible opportunity, it’s up to you how prevalent you want your colors to be. We’ve had brides who can say without a moment of hesitation that their color is ____ and it’s obvious. But we’ve also had brides who told us they don’t really have a wedding color, just a general look they’re going for. Whichever end of the spectrum you fall on, here are 10 ways you can bring your color(s) to life for your big day.

Bridesmaid Dresses

The most commonly thought of way to include your wedding colors, and with good reason. We especially love bridesmaid dresses, such as those dusty blue bridesmaid dresses, because of the versatility that they offer. You can choose a subtle shade of your color to create a base for everything to build on, fully embrace your color for a splash, or mix and match bridesmaid dresses to bring in more than one color or show off different shades.


Flowers are a great way to incorporate your wedding colors because they give you total flexibility to have as much or as little color as you want. You can have a primarily neutral bouquet with just a couple splashes of your color or a colored ribbon tied around, or you can have the entire bouquet bursting with your colors. Flowers are also a great way to include your wedding colors because there are so many options for where to include them, from inside the chapel to hanging floral displays in the hall. It’s a great way to delicately thread your color throughout the entire wedding day experience or have your color(s) loud and proud everywhere you look.

Ties and Pocket Squares

For a subtle dash of color, including your look in the groom and groomsmen ties and/or pocket squares ensures that your color is always close by to the most important people in the room. Whether you do a solid color, a fun print, or a classic look with just a touch of color, you can choose how much or how little to include your colors here. If you want to take it up a notch, having the groom’s suit in your color – especially if your color is green, blue, or maroon, is a great way to make a stylish impact.

Paper Goods

One of our favorite ways to set the tone and probably the easiest way to utilize color on your big day is in your choice of paper goods, especially invitations. Paper goods can also include things like table numbers, napkins, menus, or even things that aren’t necessarily paper – like your cups, koozies, signs, etc. Another trick that we like to suggest with this is to up your flat lay pictures by making your invite a little more customized, even if you didn’t splurge for all of the customizations on the ones you sent out. This can include getting a special colored envelope or fancy vintage stamps just for the picture.


We love fun wedding shoes because even if you’re the only one that knows they’re there under your dress, they’re still something you can think about and make special. They also make for great pictures, and y’all know how much we love beautiful wedding pictures.

Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes are inherently wonderful because of how unique and personal they are. From the design to the flavor, every aspect of your wedding cake can be about you as a couple (or just what you love to eat). When incorporating color in your wedding cake, you can make the entire cake your wedding color, have a design in your color, incorporate fresh or edible flowers, or use a topper. If you want to include color in your wedding cake but not on your *actual* cake, the cake stand, cake knife, cake plates, or table decor are all ways to bring color into it.


Including your wedding colors in your jewelry is a classic way to incorporate it, especially if it’s a color that means something to you. From colored earrings to gemstones like this emerald for sale, don’t be afraid to bring a little color into your look. And, if you’d prefer something more traditional for your ceremony and portraits, you can always trade out to the colored jewels for the reception.

Table Decor

Table decorations are probably one of the most unique ways to embrace your wedding colors just because there are so many different options and layers. You can bring in one color in multiple different textures to really build it up into something truly yours. From linens to plates to napkins to vases to flowers to menus to… you get the picture. There are so many areas of your tables to customize. One of our favorites? Colored upholstered chairs at the head table. They make such a statement and are a great way to designate your special seating.

Lounge Areas

Speaking of furniture, lounge areas create a luxe look and give your guests a special place to sit back and relax. Whether you rent vintage furniture in your colors or choose more neutral pieces and add your color with decorative pillows and floor coverings like vintage turkish rugs, we’re always a big fan. We also love lounge areas because they can double as an additional photo spot for your portraits and your guests to pose for their own photos.


Finally, one of the most fun ways to bring in your wedding color. Work with your bartenders to see if you can create a signature cocktail (or mocktail) in your color palette. We’ve seen it with drinks in red, pink, orange, green, blue, and yellow, but we know there are some seriously creative bartenders out there so it’s worth asking even if you have a different color.

We love wedding colors – seriously, all wedding colors – because they’re reflective of our couples and what they enjoy. Whether you choose a color that means something special to your relationship or just a color that makes you happy, we are here for it. We can’t wait to see how you incorporate it into your day and make it your wedding color. Trust us, no two weddings are exactly alike, even if they use the exact same colors, and that’s what makes it special.

The Pallapati’s Vendor Spotlight:

Coordinator: Your Day Your Way 

Caterer: Pappas Catering

Band/DJ: Lumen Events

Photographer: Nate & Grace Photography 

Videographer: ML Photo and Film 

Florist: Evember

Bar: Bartenders4You

Cake: Cakes by Felicia 

Hair/Makeup: Blush’d Beauty 

Other: Borracho Burros