For clarity: The “I” in this blog post refers to Landan and her wedding experience. The photos, however, are from Ashton and Blake’s wedding day at The Chandelier. Their photos make us SO happy and we couldn’t help but share them with this, since we love how they show Ashton and her girls in their getting ready outfits, celebrating the day with a bridesmaid reveal, and coming full circle with their portraits. 

In the weeks leading up to our wedding day, Texas weather was pulling a doozy on us. Rain and a mild cold front were in the forecast, but they changed when the cold front was supposed to arrive at least 15 times, ranging anywhere from Thursday to Sunday night. It was also rapidly changing just how far south it would push down. Two days before the wedding, they finally said it was supposed to arrive late Friday night through midday Saturday, and our wedding was Saturday evening.

At our rehearsal dinner on Friday, it started to sprinkle and I was thrilled. In my mind, if it was already raining, the cold front was early, which meant the worst of the weather would be long past by the time we were trying to take portraits and have our outdoor wedding ceremony, all decked up in gorgeous girl’s wedding dresses.

I went to bed to get my wedding day beauty sleep, of course, but I did wake up in the middle of the night at one point and noticed it raining. Again, I saw this as good news. Then, when I woke up on Saturday morning it was gorgeous outside. I’m talking perfect spring temperature, blue skies, birds chirping, gorgeous weather. HALLELUJAH. There was probably a 10ish degree temperature drop, so we figured the cold front came through early and it was even more mild than predicted.

And then two hours later it started to pour.

I remember walking to the window and staring outside. The wind was insane and then it started hailing. I remember all of my bridesmaids telling me to just walk away from the window and not pay any attention to it, that it would pass. Instead, I stood there staring at the rain blowing sideways and started laughing. They all thought I was about to lose my marbles, particularly when the weather alert popped up that we were under a tornado watch, but I actually felt surprisingly calm. I was more worried about the fact that all of our guests were in from out of town and no ones car was in a garage than I was about the actual wedding – because I knew it was happening, come hell or high water.

The rain did stop, and the grounds dried out enough for us to have our ceremony thanks to the 25mph winds, but the weather was still rather chaotic. And the 10 degree temperature drop was probably closer to a 20-30 degree one by the time it was all said and done. A lot went wrong throughout the morning, from the wind and the weather to a couple of vendors getting flustered, so let’s just go with the summary that things did not go as planned.

If you’re feeling your heart rate go up at the thought of things going wrong on the morning of your wedding, take a deep breath, because I’ve got you. On the other hand, if you’re getting a good laugh out of my story of chaos – GOOD. Lord knows I was laughing at it all, and I have full confidence that you’ll be able to handle whatever comes your way, too.

I hope your getting ready process is far less chaotic than mine was. But, whether things go perfectly or you end up in a perfect storm, I have a few tips and tricks for how to stay calm on your wedding day. These babies are tried and true because I lived through it, said I Do, and am here to tell the story.

Tip #1: Have a team that you trust. 

Of all of my tips, this one absolutely has to be at the tippy top of my list. We had so many changes that had to take place on our wedding day, from making the call of where the wedding ceremony would actually be held to dealing with sound issues to changing floral set ups. Other than one vendor that I had to deal with personally, my team knew what I wanted and made it happen without having to involve me with multiple questions throughout the day. I knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that they would handle it and find the same solutions that I would have found. Having a vendor team that you trust and that gets you lets you focus on yourself and not have to micromanage anything on your day. More than likely nothing crazy is going to happen and it will be smooth sailing – but you might as well have the added confidence.

Tip #2: Get some sleep the night before. 

This one was so hard for me. My entire bridal party, and my sweet husband, all hung out the night before our wedding. They stayed up pretty late, if the snapchat stories the next day were any indication, and I knew I couldn’t function the next day if I would have stayed with them. I know your mind will also probably be running with 101 different things, but try to shut it off and get some rest. Go to sleep at a decent time. Wake up and do your typical morning routine. The wedding day is long and you want to be well rested for it.

Tip #3: Have a to-do list. 

If you’ve read some of our other blogs, then you know I can be a bit of a control freak when it comes to planning. Remember in the last tip where I said you might have a ton running through your head when you’re trying to sleep? This was my solution to it. I kept thinking of little things that I didn’t go over with my coordinator or that I thought might need to be changed or slightly adjusted in case the weather was bad. So, instead of focusing on them, I had a running to-do list on my phone where I would just make little notes to get them out of my brain. I sent them all in an email to my coordinator the morning of the wedding and then that was it – it was out of my hands and into hers. Every planner ever may be rolling their eyes at me right now, but if you’re someone that worries about little things then put the worries on someone else so you can just focus on your joy.

Tip #4: Make the space yours.

If you’re getting ready at The Chandelier, you’re in for quite the treat. The bridal suite is gorgeous, spacious, and laid out like a dream for getting hair and makeup done and getting dressed afterwards. I honestly don’t know how you wouldn’t enjoy your time in that space. But, one of the ways I made myself feel calmer on the wedding day was really embracing the space that we got ready in. I hung up the “Future Mrs. Williams” banner from my bachelorette party. I had music playing that put me in a good mood. I had my favorite snacks there – and Kevin sent me my favorite cookies. (As a side note – you have to eat. I found that I was more successful in eating even though I was nervous/distracted by surrounding myself with my favorite foods that I knew I couldn’t deny.) You’re going to be spending multiple hours in the room you get ready in, so make sure it’s an environment that you can enjoy.

Tip #5: Surround yourself with good people. 

Someone once told me how rude one of my bridesmaids was and she didn’t really get how we were friends. I laughed out loud because the reason they thought she was rude is because she can read me like an open book and knew that I was mad as heck at that person, so she ran interference so I wouldn’t say something I’d later regret. If you know there are people in your life that have even the slightest possibility of causing you stress – don’t allow them around you on your wedding day. I know that’s sometimes easier said than done, so if you can’t avoid it, surround yourself with enough good people that know and love you so they can calm you down if it does happen. Funny story aside, you really do want to be surrounded by your favorite people when you’re getting ready. Choose people who make you laugh and who know how to help you create the wedding day you want to remember.

Tip #6: Love your outfit.

This is such a small thing, but I think it makes a world of difference. You’re about to wear your wedding dress, which is hopefully one of your top 10 things you’ll ever wear in your entire life. I want you to love your getting ready outfit, t