Hey y’all, it’s Landan. There are a whole lot of sweet moments on wedding days – sentimental vows, your first meal as husband and wife, stolen kisses on the dance floor – but one sweet moment takes the cake, literally. If you know me, you know my sweet tooth is strong and I’m a sucker for all things sweet. I love looking at wedding cakes, finding out what flavors a couple chose, getting to see the cake cutting, and eating a slice (or two) of course. And, when it came to wedding planning, I had put a lot of thought into designing our cakes and making sure the flavors were reflective of who we were. What I didn’t think about? How to actually cut the cake. 

I know that sounds ridiculous, but hear me out. Have you ever actually cut into a stacked cake with another person and tried to look cute while doing it? There’s more to it than you’d think. My sweet, sweet husband first tried to stick the knife too far into the cake, which meant he hit the divider between the cake layers and couldn’t cut through it at all. Then, when we finally got the slice out and went to share the first bite, he served himself instead of giving it to me. Men. I laughed hard in the moment, and honestly still laugh about it all now, but I still sometimes can’t believe how much we struggled. Cake cuttings are such a fun moment from your big day, even if it is a small, quick moment, and there are quite a few things you can do to make the most of it (and get the most out of your pictures.)

Create Customizations

One of the most special ways to get the most out of your cake cutting is to make sure that it’s personal to you. There are a couple of different ways to do that, from the actual cake to customizing the cake stand and cutter. For Jenna and Kory, they had a cute little version of their pup on their bridal cake and a unique groom’s cake. For our wedding, the groom’s cake was infused with whiskey. We’ve seen it all, from the groom’s face on a cake to cutting the cake with an axe or a sword like this Mini Katana. Monograms, unique details, specialty flavors, and meaningful designs are all ways to make your cake cutting truly custom. 

Pick a Fun Song

A lot of times, the cake cutting loses its specialness because people have no idea it’s happening. While you can let whatever music is playing continue to play, I’m a big fan of having the DJ or band announce that it’s time to cut the cake and throw on a song that is specific to cakes, sweets, love, etc. We used “Cut the Cake” by Average White Band to mark a clear change in what was going on, but here are some options that Style Me Pretty recommends, too:

“Love on Top” by Beyonce
“Sweet Emotion” by Aerosmith
“How Sweet it is to be Loved By You” by James Taylor
“Lucky” by Jason Mraz and Colbie Calais
“Ordinary Love” by Ben Rector
“I Choose You” by Sara Bareilles
“Love You Madly” by Cake
“Marry You” by Bruno Mars
“The Sweet Escape” by Gwen Stefani
“What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong

Go Slowly

Want the best cake cutting photos? TAKE YOUR TIME. Pause as you slice into the cake. Look at the cake, each other, and your photographer when you’re cutting the cake. Hold up the bites of cake before you feed them to each other and/or smash them into each others faces. Laugh and kiss afterwards. Smile. Just soak in the moment and don’t rush through it all. 

It’s a Smash 

It is completely and totally up to you as a couple whether you want to smash cake in each others faces or not, but if you feel strongly about doing it or not doing it, you have to talk about it beforehand so no one gets upset. I personally would have hated cake being smashed in my face and Kevin was confused that it was even a thing, but I know people who have been disappointed that it didn’t happen and people that have been super upset that their spouse smashed cake in their face unexpectedly. It’s a two minute conversation in the week leading up to the wedding – just have it. 

Add a Compliment

Want to really mix up your cake cutting and make it even more fun for guests? Consider adding something to compliment your cake cutting. Ice cream bars, donut bars, chocolate covered strawberries, milkshakes, coffee, the list goes on and on. Don’t get me wrong, I love wedding cake just as it is. But I was also a big fan when I was given a little Bluebell Ice Cream cup with my wedding cake one time because it’s what the groom liked to eat every night before bed. It’s especially fun when your add ons are special and something you love. 

Serve It Up 

There are a couple different ways you can serve the cake, and I wouldn’t necessarily say there is one right answer. You can cut it and hand it out to guests right there, take it to the kitchen to be cut, serve it at tables, or leave it out for guests to grab throughout the night. Whatever you choose, I would consider having an option for leftover cake. Small to go boxes that can be set out on the cake table towards the end of the night are a great way to ensure that delicious cake doesn’t go to waste (and to go boxes are an easy way for you make sure you get a few slices to take home, too).

No matter what you do, have FUN with the cake cutting (and with the cake tasting, eating, etc.). It’s truly astonishing how many couples never eat any of their wedding cake other than the one bite during the cake cutting. While I know a lot of people will get a small one remade for their one year anniversary, it’s never exactly the same as your wedding cake, so I always recommend having a few slices packed up for you to eat once you leave the wedding. It also goes wonderfully with coffee the next morning. Might as well start of your first day as a married couple on a sweet note. 

Jenna and Kory Dziuk’s Vendor Spotlight:

Coordinator/Decor/Florist: Barbie Forester

Photographer: Angela King Photography

Video: Dynamic Films

DJ/Mariachis: VEGAs DJ

Bar: Bartenders4You

Caterer/Ice cream bar: Werner’s

Transportation: Shark Limo

Beauty: Blush’d Beauty

Cake: Betty Moy

Tuxedos: Generation Tux

Bridal gowns: Bella Bridesmaids  

Wedding gown: Weddings by Debbie