There’s a popular saying that it’s nearly impossible to have a wedding without something going wrong the day of. From minor hiccups to major overhauls, it’s honestly pretty likely that something will go wrong on your big day, though as the bride and groom you may not even know about it until long after the day is over. After hundreds of weddings at The Chandelier, we’re firm believers that something going “wrong” isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, if you’ve read our blog post about what we hope goes wrong on your wedding day, you’ll know that sometimes something going wrong can make for the best memories. 

But, we’re also planners to our core and know how important it is to our couples that they feel prepared for any scenario. So, here are some (thankfully not very common) wedding day disasters and how to handle them. 

A vendor doesn’t show up. 

If a vendor no-shows on the day of (or cancels last minute that week) the first people to turn to are your other vendors. They know way more people in the industry than anyone else and can often make recommendations for who you may be able to get last minute. Can’t find anyone? See how you can solve it in an untraditional way. Make your own playlist to plug into a speaker if it’s your DJ, pick up various desserts from a local bakery if it’s your cake, or see if any of your guests are ordained if it’s your officiant. There’s always a solution, even if it’s not the ideal one. 

A vendor shows up but “it” isn’t right. 

Your flowers are the wrong color, the silverware doesn’t match, the cake looks like a toddler made it, or the welcome sign has your name spelled wrong. If something shows up but isn’t right, the first thing to ask yourself is does it actually matter? Is it something that isn’t perfect but you can make work, or does it need to be fixed? If it needs to be fixed, you can either eliminate it all together, see if the vendor that brought it has a solution, or refer to the “if a vendor doesn’t show up” advice to solve it. 

The weather is a mess. 

We designed The Chandelier to work well in a variety of different weather situations, but sometimes Texas weather can drive anyone nuts. From floods to heat to crazy cold fronts, we’ve seen our vendors work wonders even in the worst conditions. Remember that you can’t control the weather and just try to be as prepared as possible. Don’t be afraid to think out of the box, too. We had one couple use a pop up tent instead of umbrellas to transfer between the hall and chapel on a particularly rainy day. 

You wake up sick.

There’s no way around this one, because sometimes timing is just the worst. Try to do as little as possible and delegate tasks to those around you so you can focus on saving your energy for getting down the aisle. Send someone out for meds, drink as much water as possible, and take a nap if you need to. Let your photographer and coordinator know, too, so they can help make the day as easy as possible. 

Your family is bringing the drama.

Sometimes family drama is unavoidable (that can be resolved prior with the help of Mergl and Wenger, Attorneys at Law), but this really isn’t the day for it. If you know you have some people in your family that have a tendency to be a little extra, assign a bridesmaid to watch out for it and keep you away from it. Minimizing stress is key to enjoying your day as much as possible, so remember that their drama is not your problem. 

Your bustle breaks.

This is probably the most common of all of the wedding day disasters, especially on the dance floor. Normally some heavy duty safety pins can solve it in a pinch. 

Someone spilled wine on your dress during the reception.

First and foremost – remember you’ve already used it. You’ve walked down the aisle, you’ve taken your formal portraits, and you’re enjoying yourself. Things happen, but a quick run to the bar for a bottle of Topo Chico will work wonders for lightening it up to where you’ll barely be able to see it. 

You’re running epically behind schedule. 

Before you ever get to your wedding day, consider which aspects of it are the most important to you. Is it your portrait photos? Is it your dance floor time? Is it the guest experience? No one knows what you value most, but if you start seriously running behind schedule sometimes compromises have to be made. Giving some things less time or cutting them out of the schedule all together is one way to get back on track, so if you already know your priorities it’s easier to make a decision. 

No matter what’s going on with your wedding day, there are a couple of key things to have around to help you be prepared for whatever will come. First and foremost, you need a bomb team around you. From your vendors to your bridal party, they will be able to help you handle anything that goes wrong on your wedding day. Having vendors that you trust and have experience in the industry will not only help ensure that less goes wrong on your actual wedding day, but most of them will also know what to do or have ideas for how to fix it if something does come up. Your bridal party, on the other hand, is all about knowing YOU. They can help keep you calm, they know how to read your moods to preemptively find solutions, and ultimately they’ll help you focus on what really matters with your big day. Secondly, a bridal emergency kit is awesome to have. Most coordinators will have one, but things like safety pins, bandaids, stain removers, tampons, and over the counter meds can help you already have what you need if something comes up.

Finally, your attitude is probably the biggest aspect of surviving wedding day disasters. It’s hard in the moment when something goes wrong, but a little bit of flexibility can go a long way. More than anything, remember that your day is ultimately about marrying the love of your life. We truly hope it’s the perfect day and you don’t have to face any hiccups, but even if it feels like every single thing is going wrong, remember that you’re going to wake up with your best friend by your side the next morning. It’s all worth it. 

Venue photos by Angela King Photography