When we say that The Chandelier was built on a foundation of love, we mean it. Myra & Tim have been married for 34 years and counting. Myra’s parents have been married for 66 years and Tim’s parents for 61. Myra and Tim’s daughters are both married and building families of their own and every couple that walks through our doors is adding to our story.

Right in hand with that, we view everyone as our family. We love our couples and guests so much, so when we started thinking about how we wanted to give back to you and grow even closer, we knew a blog was the perfect opportunity. We want to share your stories – the proposals, the sweetest moments, the unique ideas y’all bring to every single wedding day – and share what we’ve learned along the way. But to do that, you need to know who “we” are.

Myra and Timmy are the heart and soul of The Chandelier. None of us would be here without them, and we’re forever thankful that they not only took the leap to start a wedding venue on the land they’ve lived on for over two decades, but that they view it as welcoming everyone into an extension of their home. I guarantee you that viewpoint is part of what makes The Chandelier so special.

This is the rest of the family. Myra and Timmy have two daughters, Chelsea and Haley. Chelsea is married to Dusty (shout out to them because they’re celebrating their NINE year anniversary this month!) and they have two beautiful daughters. Haley just got married to Asheton (in February at The Chandelier!!) and we’re still obsessing over their big day on a weekly basis – don’t be surprised if you see a lot of their wedding photos on the blog. As a Chandelier Couple, you’re pretty much guaranteed to meet at least one of this gang throughout your planning process. It’s a family business and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

And then there’s me. My name’s Landan and I’m not family by blood, but I definitely consider the Zunkers/Owens/Furloughs my family. They’ve known me since I was in diapers and I watched them build and grow The Chandelier into what it is today. If you’ve messaged us on Facebook, interacted with us on Instagram, or repinned something from our Pinterest board, you’ve probably been talking to me. I have the greatest honor of getting to see all of the photos and videos from your day and showcasing it to the world. Pretty cool.

We know there are a ton of places out there to get wedding advice and inspo, so with this blog we want to offer a few different perspectives. First and foremost, we want to show you off. Our couples are incredible and their days deserve all the attention in the world. This lets us do that. On the flip side – we also get the opportunity to let you in on the inner workings and get advice from both a venue perspective and a bride perspective.

When you’re reading posts, you’ll see two different pronouns. “We,” which indicates The Chandelier perspective. Think about this as our family to you. And “I,” which indicates my (read: Landan’s) personal perspective. I just got married in April and I absolutely 1. love weddings and 2. have a lot of thoughts on wedding planning. We want to be able to give you both perspectives because we think that they can both be super helpful to you. This particular post might be a little confusing because I’m bouncing back and forth between the two. Future posts will likely focus on one or the other, so don’t panic if you’re thinking this feels a little crazy at the moment.

Which brings us to now. If there’s a topic you want us to cover, LET US KNOW. We can’t say it enough, but this blog is for you. Whether you’re a past couple who wants to look back on your day and celebrate the couples that came after you, a future couple who listens to our (sometimes rambling) advice and gets ideas for your wedding by seeing past ones, or you just straight up like weddings and find this entertaining, thanks for being here.

The foundation has been poured and The Chandelier may be built, but our couples – and their families – are so integral to our story. No matter what your connection to us is, we welcome you to our family, and wish you the same love, friendship, and life-long adventures that we have experienced. We can’t thank you enough for being a part of The Chandelier of Gruene.

Let’s get blogging y’all.

Vendor Spotlight:
Photography of Haley & Asheton’s Wedding by Larry Pena
Flowers by Barbie Foerster
Furniture Rentals from Mintage
Photography of Landan by ML Photo and Film