Believe it or not, with the traditional wedding timeline most people will spend more time getting ready for their wedding than actually at their wedding. Now don’t get us wrong, all of the getting ready things – from hair and makeup to pre-ceremony pictures – are a huge part of the fun of wedding days and your day wouldn’t be complete without them. But, when you think about how big of a chunk they take up, it’s easy to see why it’s important to put just as much thought into planning the hours leading up to your wedding as the actual wedding. 

It’s not something we normally think about. We talk about booking photography and caterers and florists, but while all of those vendors are rocking it out in the hours before your day, you’ll be pretty busy yourself. So, while it’s easy to get caught up in all of the other wedding planning details and think “hair and makeup is booked, we’re good,” here are some other things that you can plan in the months before your wedding to ensure that you have the most fun getting ready for your wedding.

Designate a Point Person

Long before the wedding day ever arrives, make sure you have a designated point person that people can go to whenever they have questions. Whether it’s your coordinator, your maid honor, or your mom, you do not need to be the one to answer questions or make decisions when it comes to the wedding day. With that said though, make sure it’s someone who knows when it is time to ask you. For 95% of wedding day questions and decisions, there’s normally a clear answer or someone you trust can make the call. For the 5% that you would actually want input on if you knew it was happening, choose someone that knows you well enough to say “we need to ask the bride.”

Plan a Playlist

Music can set help the tone for your entire day. Whether you want a ton of fun, pumped up music, a bunch of your favorite love songs, worship music, or a little bit of everything, having a pre-determined playlist can help ensure the mood of the day is exactly what you want.

Think about Food

You have to eat! If you start hair and makeup early in the morning, it’s a long day. Plus, when you consider the fact that most couples never finish their wedding meal, you won’t be getting a ton of food once the day starts rocking and rolling. Consider what you like to eat, can easily eat once your hair and makeup is done, and things that can be out all day for grazing when choosing what to order for food. If it’s something that needs picked up or delivered during the day, make sure you have someone in charge of that, too.

Have Everything Organized 

Organization plays out in two ways in this case. First, work with your photographer and coordinator to plan out a timeline leading up to the ceremony. Know what photos you’re trying to get done and everything that needs to happen in order for those to happen on time. Secondly, get everything put together for your flat lays so you’re not worried about it when your photographer comes to ask for the detail items. It’s so much easier to point to a box and say “it’s all in there” than be running around the room looking for each little thing.

Trust your Team 

One of the best ways to ensure you’re having fun the day of the wedding is to eliminate stress such as by utilizing CBD Oil. Hire a team of vendors that you trust to get everything done and do it right. If you’ve put the time in planning out your wedding and all of the day of details, then you can sit back and relax the day of without trying to micro-manage or put out fires. With that, we also recommend not looking at the clock and thinking about your timeline. Your hair and makeup team knows when you need to be ready, your photographer will get you when it’s time, and your coordinator will keep everything on track. If you start focusing on the time you’re just likely to create stress for yourself and lose sight of the moment you’re in.

Make Sure Everyone is Looking Good

When you look around the room and see your bridesmaids, family members, and flower girls looking good and having fun, you’ll have more fun. Pick out the fun getting ready outfit. Get the obnoxious fluffy slippers if you like them. Embrace it all and have enjoy it for what it is – a mini slumber party with some of your favorite people before you get to see your ultimate favorite person down the aisle.

Little extras make a big difference

Customized cups, fun straws, decorated cookies, balloons, whatever! Little things that bring you joy can make a huge difference. You’ll be spending quite a few hours hanging out in the bridal suite, so don’t be afraid to make it yours. Your wedding day only comes around once, so be sure to celebrate it.

Build in Intentional Moments 

We will forever recommend taking the time to build in intentional moments with your soon-to-be spouse on your wedding day. Whether you share a first touch or first look, exchange gifts or letters with one another, or just take a minute to send a quick text, you’ll be feeling the love on your wedding day and little moments like this can help build excitement for the moment you say I Do.

Do What You Want

In the end, this is YOUR wedding day. Have some fun with it and pop champagne with your girls. Let important people come say hi even if they’re not in the bridal party. Kick everyone out for a few minutes alone. Look at photos from your proposal. Share a prayer with your bridesmaids. Do a first look with everyone. Get your final getting ready photos outside. Whatever is it that will make your day what you want it to be, then do it.

Soak it In

The wedding day can be really busy and fly by, but don’t forget to take a minute to soak it all in and see what you planned. Before the ceremony (or after the ceremony but before everyone is let into the reception hall) go see it all put together. Look at the room in its entirety, because we guarantee it will be looking really good.

When it’s all said and done, we have no doubts that you’ll have an absolute blast on your wedding day. But, if you’re a high stress person (no shame, we feel ya!) we also wrote another blog with 7 tips for how to stay calm on the morning of your wedding. You can check it out here.

The Moczygemba’s Vendor Spotlight:

Venue: The Chandelier of Gruene

Coordinator/ Florist: Taylor Bible Weddings

DJ/ Photo Booth: Smither Productions

Photography: Main Squeeze Photography

Video: Epic Photography

Rentals: Wild Caravan

Bar: Bartenders4You

Hair/ Makeup: Lola Beauty