Ready for a love story that starts in elementary school and kicks off a happily-ever-after story at a wedding? We’ve got the perfect couple for you then. Ryan and Kaitlyn seriously need to call Hallmark to create a movie, but in the meantime we’ll just fawn over their gorgeous wedding. Keep reading to see the cutest flower girls and ring bearers, hear about Kaitlyn’s crazy mixups with bridal portraits, learn their best advice for wedding planning, and find out why they loved their last dance so much.

The Love Story

Ryan and I met around 18 years ago. He moved to Hondo in the second grade, I was in first. He was a year older and best friends with my brother. Needless to say he was around all the time, and I had the biggest crush on him from day one! Throughout the years I tagged along on hunting trips and watched them play countless video games – just to see if maybe he would notice me. Fast-forward to March 2019, my brother got married and guess who was his best man! Thanks to Ryan’s friend Daniel, there just so happened to be an empty seat next to Ryan at the rehearsal dinner and they invited me to sit with them. While leaving the rehearsal dinner, Ryan had a to-do list for the wedding the next day. He not so subtly gave me his number to remind him of all the things he needed to do but when he texted me there was another thing on the list – get me to be his date to the wedding. Well, he was successful getting all the things on his to-do list checked off and from then on we have been together and now happily married.

Why They Chose The Chandelier

The Chandelier of Gruene had been on my radar since my brother and his wife were planning their wedding. I had seen them at a wedding extravaganza and was obsessed with the beauty of the chapel and reception hall. When we began to search for wedding venues, there were none that could truly measure up. The natural lighting and beauty of the Chapel is perfect, and the rustic feel of the reception hall was exactly what we were looking for. The best part of being a Chandelier Couple was the amazing staff and support throughout the entire wedding planning process.

Their Best Advice

Wedding planning can be stressful, but in the end, it’s not the wedding that matters, it’s your marriage. Carve out some time while you’re engaged to have quality time with your fiancé. Let him be involved in the wedding planning process if he wants to. Your wedding is a day for the both of you! On your wedding day, sit back and take it all in – it goes by so fast!

All About the Bride

Dress shopping and bridal pictures were some of my favorite things to do while wedding planning. It seems a little vain to have a bunch of pictures taken of just you, but it’s a great trial run for hair and makeup, and it’s another excuse to wear your dress one more time!

Flower Power

My flower girls were the star o