When Caroline and JB’s sneak peeks first popped up on Instagram, we were swooning over them. When the full album came through though?!? HOLY. GOODNESS. Aside from the fact that these two are an absolutely beautiful couple, the love between them radiated in every single one of their portraits and JB’s reaction to Caroline coming down the aisle was priceless. The ultimate dip-kissers, cuddly donkeys, a sparkling exit, the perfect photo booth wall, one of our new favorite gifts-for-dad, and a bridal party that ticks all of the boxes – this big day was a smashing success every way you look at it. But, don’t just take our word for it. Keep reading below to hear about it from their perspective and see all of the photos for yourself.


The Love Story

Caroline and JB met the night of Caroline’s birthday 3 years ago. They had both been at the Houston Rodeo Cook-off with some friends, but their paths didn’t cross until later that night. When cook-off came to an end, Caroline was ready to call it a night but her friend, Kendall, had other plans and insisted that they go two-stepping. On the flip side, JB was the one convincing his friends to keep the night going. Soon enough, they both ended up at the same country dancehall. It was just a matter of time until they ran into each other. Caroline found herself at the crowded bar trying to order water (truth). Kendall spotted a guy who was next in line to order and asked if he could help us out. Being the polite man he was, he did just that. All Caroline noticed was the cowboy hat that he pulled off so well (guess who?). Kendall was quick to let JB know it was Caroline’s birthday which led to him ordering something other than water for the birthday girl. They introduced themselves and immediately hit it off as they bonded over their love of sarcastic comments and college football (despite going to rivals). JB ended up asking Caroline to two-step, and they planned to go to a rodeo show for their official first date. Long story short- When a sooner and red raider walk into a bar…they fall in love and get married.

Why They Chose The Chandelier

We chose the Chandelier because once we saw it, there was no other option. You could say it was love at first site! The venue represents JB and I’s style- classic and simple yet elegant! Also, the deer were a huge plus 🙂 When we toured the venue for the first time, we were with our mothers and there was a point where all 4 of us were silent. His mom even got emotional because we just felt it! We felt at home and we believed we found the place where we were going to become husband and wife. We also love that it is tucked away in the New Braunfels area. We’re from Houston, and we think it was the perfect weekend getaway for us but also our guests. I think the best part of being a Chandelier Couple is the way the owners/staff make you feel a part of the family. You all really go above and beyond to make your couples feel special and at ease! I also love how most (all of my) vendors have not only worked at your venue before but love working there. It’s a huge validation to hear them all say “Oh I love The Chandelier” during consultations. I think that is a big testament to how special your venue is!