We know we’ve said it a hundred times, but The Chandelier is a family to us. The idea to start The Chandelier was a family one, we built it on a foundation of our own families’ love, every single couple and vendor that walks through our doors adds to our family, and we love watching our couples start families of their own. So, when Haley and Asheton decided that the Texas Hill Country was the perfect spot to tie the knot, that they’d walk through the teal antique doors into the chapel, that they’d dance their first dance as husband and wife under our chandelier, it’s an understatement to say that we were over the moon with happiness. Their day was filled with so much love and joy, we had people from all over head to Gruene, TX to celebrate with them, and every single detail of their big day was true to who they are as a couple.

From the moment their guests walked up to the venue, they were greeted with billowing white drapes along the sides of the open air chapel, lanterns hanging in the trees, and vintage seating areas for guests to gather. Vibrant blooms, a candle-lined aisle, antlers within the table runners, a SURPRISE cold spark firework exit, sentimental jewelry (hellloooo something old!), gorgeous fur shawls for the bridal party to wear, a cigar roller for their guests to enjoy, and the sweetest friends and family all came together to create a wedding day that we’ll never forget. 

So, we thought it was only appropriate to get all of the details from Haley, pick her brain on advice for future couples, and show off some of their wedding photos here. Keep reading below to see what she said.

The Love Story

Asheton and I met in College Station when we were going into our sophomore year of college. We had both recently gotten out of long 3+ year relationships, so I think we both kind of went back and forth over if we were really interested or ready to start dating again, but at the same time we both couldn’t stand just being friends. He managed to convince me to go to dinner with him one night. We went to Hullabaloo Diner, which is this super cute diner off of Welbourne in College Station. There was something about that first date and we were both beyond smitten. I’m certain that we probably stayed there way too long just talking. It sounds so cliche but I called my mom the second he dropped me off and I told her “I think I met the guy I’m going to marry”. She laughed, I laughed, she told me I was crazy, and thennnn Asheton and I broke up / decided to be friends. But, fast forward 3 ½ years later and we’re married! We honestly were the worst friends because we were always in each other’s business and overly critical of the choices the other would make – probably due to jealousy more than anything – but the best of friends at the same time. He became my biggest supporter and wasn’t afraid to call me out on my on-a-whim crazy thoughts, spending, and life choices. And I know he’d say the same for me too. For the first time we both had someone that totally understood and could handle our own personal crazy and personality, push ourselves to be the best, and not just shut down when there was a conflict. It became clear pretty quick that neither of us were ok with the just friends thing and we wanted more. It’s a bit of a wild story, but neither of us would have it any other way.

Why They Chose The Chandelier 

The Chandelier of Gruene was our families dream – I honestly couldn’t imagine being married anywhere else. There was an on going joke when people would ask, “Are you getting married at The Chandelier?” The reply would always be “I’m not sure there was ever another option!” 

Everything in our wedding venue had a touch from each member of my family. From design, texture, décor, size, truly everything, there are pieces of all of us throughout the entire property. Being able to have one of the most important days of our lives in a place filled with and built on pure love and admiration together, as a family, was an unbelievable feeling for us both.

Memorable Moments

I cannot just pick one but I definitely have a top 3:

The sheer emotion of getting into my dress with my best girls there, in a place of love, along with the women in my family I hold closest was just unreal. All I could think about was “is this really happening??”

Coming through those antique turquoise chapel doors for the first time as a bride and the moment right before the doors opened with my dad. We had shared some sweet words and one more forehead kiss before he walked me to my future.It was just so surreal, the excitement, the emotions! 

Our private last dance with a surprise cold spark firework exit. Our last dance was to Elvis’ Can’t Help Falling In Love with You. That song was always one we’d slow danced to anytime and every time we heard it. It was also the one song Asheton would sing to me word for word even back in our early “friend” days. This private dance let us have the reception hall to ourselves to soak up all the little moments of the night. The barn doors were locked closed and everyone was out front waiting with sparklers. When we came out we walked through the sparklers, got into our vintage ’62 Bentley get away car, and as we drove around the circle drive the cold spark fireworks set off. It was an absolute fairytale ending to the night.