Landan here! Before I get too far into this post, I wanted to give a disclaimer that we have worked with so many incredible florists and any number of them would come up with absolutely stunning florals to showcase your big day. I reference Reiley + Rose in today’s post, which is who did the florals at my wedding, because as much as possible I try to write through my own personal experiences. There are literally hundreds of wedding blogs you can read and I’m not doing you any favors by giving you generic advice and information – you’re reading this because you want to know what it’s like getting married here, with us, and with vendors we love. So, just to be clear, we as The Chandelier love a whole lot of florists and you’re in really good hands with all of them. I, Landan, just have a soft spot for Megan Reiley. 

Have you ever met someone and just felt like they got you immediately? With every vendor I booked for our wedding, I tried to find people I clicked with and knew I could build a relationship with. If you’ve read our post about the lessons I learned while wedding planning, you’ll know how important that was to me. I have a lot of love for quite a few of our vendors and could talk about multiple of them for days, but no one was so instrumental in the overall feel of our wedding as Megan from Reiley + Rose.

She was the first florist I met with and I knew, without a doubt, that I’d regret not working with her. She runs at a thousand miles a minute and is as easily distracted by side conversations as I am, but she has the most genuine love for her brides and her passion for flowers is positively contagious. I had no idea what to expect at our first appointment, but she was so good about going step by step through the wedding day to figure out what you needed. I was able to book almost all of my major vendors within the first month or so of being engaged, but a florist was something that I put off booking for so long because I love flowers, and knew I wanted them to play a major role in our day, but I didn’t know how to put into words what I liked or how I wanted them to look. I was also guilty of thinking that flowers are flowers and anyone could put together pretty arrangements for our wedding day. I didn’t realize it at the time, and I’m honestly not even sure how I didn’t realize it, but flowers are one of the best ways to differentiate your wedding from others.

I’ve probably looked at close to 100 different wedding albums from The Chandelier over the last couple of years. I’ve seen every color of bridesmaid dress and some stunning bridal gowns. I’ve seen groomsmen in jeans and groomsmen in tuxes. I’ve seen a dozen different ways of styling a photo booth and the tastiest looking cakes and some seriously gorgeous flat lays, but the one thing I always notice in every single wedding album is the flowers. They’re always different and can’t be replicated. Your flowers are yours and yours alone, so it’s SO incredibly important to hire a professional florist to get your perfect flower bouquet, someone who  knows what they’re doing and how to help you get the most out of your flowers.

The funny thing is, I spent hours on details. I custom made our signs. I went through multiple rounds of invitation designs. I went to 19 stores to find my dream wedding gown. I spent 3 trips to our rental store (which was an hour away) to look at what plates and napkins were going to be on our tables. I worked and reworked our floor plan on AllSeated. All of those things came together, and they were necessary to make our day what it was, but nothing was as impactful as the flowers Megan put together for our day. And I never could have envisioned what she was going to show up with that day.

I literally showed her a Pinterest board of pictures, sent her a couple of emails about things I thought of after our initial meeting, and had one venue walk through with her. I don’t say that to discount what a florist does, because she was detailed in every step to help me see what we were getting. She sent me a proposal that included pictures and a list of every type of flower we were ordering. She described the look in person at the venue. She did everything in her power to execute what we wanted for our big day, but I still didn’t really know what it would be. You get invitation proofs. You get to try on your wedding dress before you buy it. You get to walk around your venue, sample catering, hear a sample set list from your DJ, and touch your linens, but you don’t get to see all of your flowers come together until your wedding day. And let me tell you, they can transform a space.

All of this is a rambling way of me telling you to hire a professional florist that gets you because they have so much impact on the design of your wedding day. And, it makes it your wedding day.

At our first appointment, I showed Megan a handful of bouquets I liked on Pinterest, as well as two I’d seen from The Chandelier. One of them happened to be hers, and she asked me what I liked and didn’t like about it. I told her my preferences and what I’d like differently about it, but one of the things she told me stuck out so prominently in my mind that I never forgot it. She told me that even if I loved every single thing about the bouquet that she had made, she wouldn’t be able to make it exactly the same way. She wasn’t willing to do it, but she also said it really wasn’t possible because of how unique flowers are and how they come together. Y’ALL, THAT’S COOL. You can copy a wedding invitation. You can have the same dress as someone else. You can get married at the same venue. But no one can have your flowers.

If the unique aspect of flowers isn’t enough to convince you to hire a professional florist that you love, I do have a few other points for why they’re superrrrr helpful.

First and foremost, they know flowers.

They know what’s in season, which can help save you money. They often have advice about switching out a different type of flower to one that is maybe more stable in the Texas heat or will stand up better to being moved around in a bouquet all day. They know what to do to keep a flower longer, like cutting it at a precise angle or how much water to have it in. They have the equipment necessary to de-thorn and trim flowers, as well as keep them in a temperature controlled environment up until your wedding day. They know how to get a flower to bloom if it comes in a little premature or how to hold it just right for a few extra days. They know things I don’t even know to tell you they know and they know flowers as well as you know your spouse-to-be. Trust their knowledge.

They know how to secure your flowers. 

We got married outdoors in sustained 25+ mph winds and I didn’t have flowers flying at my head off of our archway, and I guarantee you that would not have been the case had I tried to put those flowers up there. My bouquet also probably would have been falling apart. But, in all seriousness, they create your installations, centerpieces, and bouquets to last. I actually saw on Instagram the other day where a centerpiece toppled over a few minutes before the reception was supposed to start. The florist was able to pick it up off the ground, fluff a few flowers, and it looked good as new. The construction of your pieces is just as important as the overall look, and a professional florist understands that.

They have connections. 

Maybe a shipment gets too hot and the flowers come in dead. Or, if flower deliveries are anything like Christmas shipping times, maybe some of your flowers don’t come in when they’re expected to. I’m not creative enough to think of the dozens of different disasters that could happen to your flowers before your wedding, but a professional florist will have the knowledge and connections to handle that situation without you having to stress about it.

They have the confidence to adjust. 

I’ve said it a hundred times, but things just happen on your wedding day. A few months ago, Megan posted saying she had to remake a bride’s entire bouquet when she arrived at the venue, and the bride never knew until that post because it still looked great. Your florist will walk into your wedding with a plan, but if something isn’t going to work for whatever reason (crazy weather, delayed timelines, a change in the ceremony plan, etc) a professional florist will have the confidence to go with the flow on your wedding day and make it work. Their expertise is invaluable in keeping things moving forward and ensuring that your day will look beautiful.

They’re surrounded by flowers all the time.