If you clicked on this link wondering what a Dziuk Box is, you aren’t the only one. Have you ever tried to talk to a puppy, and they just turn their heads at you and look confused? That was us when Jenna told us that their wedding hashtag was #CrankUpTheDziukBox. BUT, when she told us that they’re Polish and Dziuk is pronounced like juke – i.e. crank up the juke box – we knew we were going to adore telling the story of this fun-loving couple. 

Keep reading to hear about their “small” 500 person, pumpkin-themed wedding that had absolutely nothing to do with the fall season, jumping on stage for a family tradition, the sweetest gift from Kory, and how Jenna overcame one of her biggest worries on their wedding day, plus a whole lot more. We know you’re going to love this one as much as we do.

The Love Story

Kory and I met at the Kickin For A Cure Leukemia & Lymphoma benefit in Kosciusko, Texas in June of 2015. The benefit is in memory of Kory’s cousin, Darlene Moy. We actually live in Darlene’s childhood home now. There are usually over 1,000 people at the benefit and we bumped into each other while Alabama was on stage and started dancing the night away. We went on our first official date at Chili’s in Seguin, Texas two weeks later and…I was 2 hours late, oops! (I was super nervous and changed a million times.) I’m ALWAYS late to everything and we made a bet to see if I would be on time for the wedding, and surprisingly, I was on time! 

**Sidenote: The washer boards that we took to the venue were the boards Kory won at the Kickin For A Cure benefit from the year we met. 🙂

The Magical Proposal 

February 19, 2018, we went to Disney World with my family. Kory and I are both Disney fanatics and were super excited for this trip. I was determined to meet Cinderella because out of all the trips to Disney World and Disney Land, I had yet to meet my favorite princess (Hence, our pumpkin themed wedding). Little did I know, Kory had a plan up his sleeve. He discreetly led us to Cinderella’s Wishing Well (I didn’t know this existed) and I was ecstatic!! I threw a penny in the well and wished to meet Cinderella. (LOL) Soon after, Kory got down on one knee in front of the wishing well and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him!! My sister secretly grabbed a Disney photographer on the way to the wishing well (she was in on the plan, too) and we got some really sweet photos of our special moment. Oh, and I got to meet Cinderella right after. One of the best days, ever!

Why They Chose The Chandelier

When we started our hunt to find a venue, first on our list was The Chandelier. The moment we drove up to the site, I started crying. I knew right then, before even seeing the beauty on the inside, that this is where we would celebrate our marriage. The Chandelier is a mixture of classy and country/rustic, which describes Kory and I perfectly. Most of our family and friends celebrate their marriage back home, in our small community, with over 1,000 guests in attendance (Polish and Hispanic heritages). We knew we wanted to keep our day small, even though 500 is not “small” to some, lol. For us, it was just the right amount of space to accommodate all of our closest family and friends, all 500 of them! 

We really appreciated how helpful the staff was, Haley was always quick to answer emails and phone calls. Having access to the preferred and required vendor list helped SO MUCH! Barbie’s skills surpassed my Pinterest wedding boards and she brought my white pumpkin wedding vision to life! All of our vendors were top notch and amazing.

Memorable Moments

To pick just one moment is very difficult because it’s hands down my favorite day ever. One moment that we both talk about often is getting to dance to the YMCA with Kory’s mom and his aunts on stage. It is a family tradition at every wedding for the aunts to dance with the bride on stage during the YMCA and I looked forward to the day that I got to be the one up there with his family! The Chandelier’s stage was perfect for that moment! 

Kory really enjoyed the fire pit outside. Sitting and talking with his friends was very memorable for him. At one point, I couldn’t find him and he was parked out by the fire pit with his feet up, relaxing, smiling, and having such a good time!!