Fairytail Ending

Sometimes in the midst of a crisis (or in Curtis and Taylor’s story, a pandemic) a fairytale ending occurs. The one good thing that could come out of a pandemic… love! Taylor was about move back home but was delayed due to COVID, and that is when she met Curtis through a mutual friend. They knew from the start they had something special and it was the beginning of an amazing adventure! From her gorgeous dress, beautiful flowers and amazing decor details, this day was picture perfect!

The Love Story

 Curtis and I met in Corpus Christi while I was on a work assignment. We had mutual friends that introduced us at a charity event in the Spring of 2020. I was supposed to be moving back to Houston in April of 2020, but COVID locked us down and my move got delayed. Curtis and I spent a lot of time together during the pandemic lockdowns since there was not much to do. We knew pretty quickly that our love was something special and we started making plans for the future. You could say that our relationship is the only good thing to come from the COVID 19 pandemic :).