There’s a lot to love about wedding days, but one thing that is always especially high on our list is the wedding cake. From vanilla to chocolate to strawberry, we eat it all up (literally) but our favorite part about wedding cakes isn’t actually eating them. We love to see the creativity and learn about our couples through the cakes and dessert that they choose – from a traditional bride’s cake to the fun groom’s cake and everything in between. Whether your cake is modern, whimsical, traditional, unique, naked, or decked out, we have seen some seriously gorgeous cakes. We’ve also seen cotton candy, donuts, smore’s bars, cookies, and ice cream, just to name a few. The options are endless.

But, no matter what options you choose, the key to building the best wedding cake table isn’t actually about the cake. It’s about everything that surrounds it. Just like your wedding day is a culmination of a ton of little pieces coming together to create your perfect day, the best wedding cake tables have been thought out and are filled with finishing touches that bring the entire design together. Think of it like a little vignette of your wedding day. Here are some ideas to implement to ensure that your cake will look as good as it tastes.

Level Up your Cake

Cake stands are a great way to not only make your cake stand out but also add dimension to your wedding cake table. Whether you use an acrylic stand, a monogrammed wooden stand, a decorative metal piece, or a classic porcelain stand, anything that can add a little height to your cake will help ensure it’s the center of attention.

Serve it Stylishly

One of our favorite ways to decorate a cake table is with a nod toward functionality (even if you aren’t actually using it.) On the most useful level, a gorgeous cake knife and cake server are a great way to customize your table and make it yours. Setting out a small stack of vintage dishes is also great personal touch that will make things seem more luxe, even if you’re actually serving the cake on plastic plates. Additional ideas are to have personalized forks to taste your cake with, a special Mr. & Mrs. plate to set it on after cutting, or custom napkins.

Floral Flourish

One of the prettiest ways to build the best wedding cake table is to bring your wedding flowers to the table. Whether you put out a vase for your bridal bouquet, have loose flowers surrounding the base of the cake, or work with your florist to create an installation, fresh flowers are a wonderful compliment to wedding cakes of all kinds.

A Pop of Color

If you want to bring some extra attention to your wedding cake and make it an eye popping display, one of the best ways to do so is by using color. Whether you have a primarily white cake and bring in a bright color with linens or utilize your wedding color on your actual wedding cake, using color can make a huge impact.

Toast Together

As much as we love a beautiful cake table, we also love for the cake cutting to be meaningful. You can click here to read about how to have the best cake cutting, but one special addition is to do a champagne toast with the two of you. Gorgeous toasting glasses not only look good on the table before you cut the cake, but they’re also something you can take home with you for special moments long after the wedding is over. Love the idea but want a fun spin on it? Take those fancy glasses and fill them up with milk – after all, nothing goes better with cake.

Say it with a Sign

From a little sign sitting on the table to a glowing neon sign displayed behind your cake, signs are the perfect way to truly customize your cake table design. Whether you use a sweet pun, catchy saying, or show off your new last name, we don’t think you can go wrong.

Mix it Up

Finally, one of the easiest ways to draw people to your cake table is by having variety. Things that are different are inherently interesting. Whether you add coffee as an option, serve a variety of different desserts, build in a experiential serving station, decorate with chocolate covered strawberries, or bring in a side that is so-totally-you, keep in mind that your wedding cake table doesn’t just have to have cake (nor does it need a cake at all if you don’t want one.)

There are two important aspects to building the best wedding cake table. The first is layers. While you want your cake to be the star, adding different textures and design elements to compliment it will take it from being a gorgeous cake to being a stunning display. The second is authenticity. You want to create a cake table that is true to who you are. While it’s fun to add gorgeous vintage plates, it’s even better if they’re special to you. While pretty glassware is great, something that you get to take home afterwards is even more valuable. And while every cake is delicious, we especially love the ones with flavors that were chosen intentionally with the couple in mind. Wedding cakes are super fun, so taking the time to think a little more about what the full cake table will look like will hopefully help you love your cake cutting even more.

Winter Styled Shoot Vendor Spotlight:

Planning & Styling, Floral, Non-alcoholic Drinks & Rentals: From His Garden
Photography: Ata-Girl Photo
Video: Melissa and Arturo
Linens & Tablescape: Events by Touch of Elegance 
Gowns & Tuxes: Brides by Elizabeth 
HMUA: My Makeup Movement
Cake & Specialty Desserts: Creations Cake Shop
Paper Suite: Girl General 
Jewelry: Diamonds Direct
Photo Booth: 5050 Photo Booth 
DJ & Cold Sparklers: At Last Entertainment