It was love at first listen for Morgan and Konner Bell! From a fuzzy first introduction to realizing they found forever in a Chick-fil-A, these college sweethearts have the love story of a modern fairytale! Keep reading to get all the details of their happily ever after.

The Love Story
Konner and I met at a college party second semester of my freshman year at Texas State and sophomore year of his. I had my music playing on the speaker and Konner was intrigued by the songs that were playing. He walked over to ask me about my music taste, and I made sure to let him know that, “I’m not like most girls. How many girls have you met that can say their favorite band is Led Zeppelin?” That night he witnessed my killer dance moves and that was all it took for him to fall in love.

After I decided to run off that night, Konner being the determined man he is, gave his number to my friend so that she could be my wing woman the next day. The next day came and I did not remember the night before. I had saved his number in my phone as “some dude” but texted him anyways. The first day of spring semester comes and low and behold we have a class together. We talked and laughed through the entire class and I asked him if he wanted to get some lunch afterwards. We had Chick-fil-A and sat there for two hours just talking about everything under the sun. From that very first lunch date, I knew that he would come to be my forever, and if you ask him he will tell you the same.

Why They Chose The Chandelier
We chose the Chandelier because we loved the traditional chapel with the wedding bell paired with the more modern look of the reception hall. The best part of being a Chandelier Couple was getting to pull that wedding bell on our big day. Also, everyone that works at The Chandelier was so incredibly helpful, the year leading up to our wedding.

Most Memorable Moment
The most memorable moment was getting to see all our friends and family in one place enjoying themselves. Everyone had a blast, even my 90 year old granny was dancing around!

Their Best Advice
I would say soak in every moment, because it goes fast. I would also recommend a sweetheart table, because it was really the only time that my husband and I got to be completely alone. My coordinator stood behind us and wouldn’t let people talk to us during dinner and I am very grateful for that, otherwise we would have never gotten to eat or have our private conversations.

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work
I enjoyed the part of planning that really allowed my husband and I to work as a team. For example, I loved doing the cake tasting and food tasting with the caterers because we both got to share our opinions and then agree on something. I also loved taking the sunset pictures with my husband on the day of the wedding (they came out so beautiful).

A Ceremony in Full Bloom
My favorite moment of the day was definitely the ceremony. We chose to do personal vows and my husband’s were so sentimental. In the last sentence, he called me “his beautiful sunflower”.

Mr. & Mrs. Bell’s Vendor Spotlight:

  • Flowers: HEB blooms off of 46 New Braunfels
  • Photography: Limelight San Antonio
  • Catering: GotItCovered Events
  • Bar: Bartenders4You
  • Officiate: Rob Bellomy (Marrieds Pastor at Tree of Life Church)
  • Hair and Makeup: Love, Lipstick, Lashes
  • Cake: 2Tarts Bakery
  • Coordinator: Haylea Smith with Auburn Ridge Events
  • DJ: Ray Pinnock “Dj Dance and Joy”