From their start as pen pals who met through mutual friends to their movie kind of love, this sweet couple is sure to make you swoon!

The Love Story
David and I met through our best friends who happened to be married. We started off as friends and then turned into best friends. He then went on deployment to Japan (Navy) so we became pen pals and sent actual letters and care packages to each other. Even while he was away he sent food to my doorstep and just showered me with kindness. He came back and the rest is history. We got engaged in Colorado and tied the knot in New Braunfels. During the honeymoon, toys like those on may have been heavily utilized. I always tell him I’m the Ally to his Noah from The Notebook, I even wrote it in my vows when we got married. We are a true love story and I cannot wait to tell our kids one day!

Why They Chose The Chandelier
We looked at SO many venues and none checked our boxes… we visited the Chandelier and it was love at first sight. I knew I wanted to get married there. The best part was the white chapel, it felt so modern yet a hint of traditional. It was a wonderful experience I wish I would relive.

Most Memorable Moments
Saying “I DO” to my husband. My favorite line from our ceremony was, “I pray we have a love like Ally and Noah from The Notebook. Here’s to forever, I love you.” and EVERYONE awed! I also enjoyed the getting ready process in our adorable suite!

Their Best Advice
Enjoy every moment. It goes by so fast. It’s about YOU so do what you want and just have FUN!!

Perfect Planning
I loved every moment from start to finish! It was a year and a half long planning process and I milked and enjoyed every second of it! Even the stress! It was all so worth it. Finding my dress was cherry on top!

Vendor Spotlight
Lila Lane Events & Planning: Maria was amazing, she was like a friend to me and I loved her for that. It didn’t just feel like “I hired her”.
Cakes Couture
Got it Covered Events: Ila is the best!
Touch of Whimsy Events: Kelsea was so kind and wonderful!