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Something Schnitzer

Something borrowed, something blue, and some things from this big day that you’re going to love, so keep reading! Can we first talk about the floral? I mean stunning! The most fun colors that compliment the bridesmaid dresses so perfectly. The details that went into planning transformed The Chapel and Reception Hall into a dream! Also, we just have to take a moment for Victoria’s dress… amazing!

The Love Story

Ryan and I met in high school during our senior year. Immediately we realized that we really liked each other and enjoyed each other’s company. So we started dating and never really stopped dating. Once we graduated I went to school in Abilene TX and he enlisted in the coast guard. We did the long-distance thing for about 5 years. We knew that what we had was special and worth fighting for. We make each other laugh which I honestly think it’s the most important part!

Why They Choose The Chandelier

We chose The Chandelier because it combined both of our aesthetics so perfectly. I was looking for more of an elegant and chic look and my husband has more of a country vintage side. The Chandelier meshed both of us so well! We also enjoyed how helpful the staff was and specifically my husband LOVED that he could have donkeys at the wedding.

Memorable Moments

 For the both of us our most memorable part was our last dance. It was such an amazing moment to just slow down and think about what we just did and how far we have come. Another thing that I loved was that my dad got to marry us. And that was just so sweet.

 My dad made a chandelier wall and that was a wonderful detail. I kinda loved how our wedding day was on a Monday. Ryan and I are so random like that so it just seemed fitting that we got married on a Monday.

Their Best Advice

Have a last dance!

Get your wedding cake from HEB

Don’t be afraid to go against the grain, i.e. non-traditional

Slow down -everything is going at the speed of light on your wedding day so find little moments to slow down. I did this when walking down the aisle, or when talking to friends and family.

All Together Now

 I absolutely loved my bouquet and the bridesmaid’s bouquets. The pearls I wore on my wedding day were pearls that my mother had gifted me every year since my 13th birthday to wear on my wedding day. That was such a special heirloom and tradition that I hope I can continue.

We love a good story about high school sweethearts. I guess the saying, ” when you know, you know” is true. The love that Victoria and Ryan have for each other is shown through their photos and their wedding day was an absolute dream! From the amazing floral and beautiful dresses, it all came together to be the best day ever!

Vendor Spotlight:

Bar: Margarita Madness (they know how to make drinks!)
DJ: At last Entertainment & Events (the DJ was phenomenal!)
Catering: Blanco BBQ (it was so good!!)
Photography: Meg Amorette (still in awe of the pictures she took!)
Donkeys: Borracho Burros
Planner: Lillian Hammitt with simplyuevents
Flowers: Wild August Flowers (simply gorgeous)

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I Do Donovan

We love a good love story like Sean and Kristina’s. We also are loving all the details that went into planning this wedding… just wait until you see the photos, a true floral dream! The alpacas were also such a sweet meaningful memory for their wedding day.

The Love Story

In June 2017, Sean and I met through a dating app called Bumble where the girl makes the first move; I sent him a video clip of Kevin from the Office spilling his pot of chili, and Sean was hooked.

Our first date was at a local bar in Houston, TX. I got there early and hid in a corner to make sure he wasn’t a catfish, and partly to check him out. Those who know Sean know that he’s never on time, but lucky for me he was worth the wait!

I knew Sean was the one when he surprised me with a trip to an alpaca farm for my 26th birthday. Tears were shed. I had only mentioned my love for alpacas a few times in passing. It is still one of the sweetest and most thoughtful things a man has ever done for me. So it was only fitting we had alpacas come celebrate our big day!

Why They Choose The Chandelier

We chose the Chandelier as our venue because it was the perfect mix of hill country with touches of elegance. Also, I am a sucker for a beautiful white chapel and The Chandelier was on my mind the moment I saw it online.

The best part about being a Chandelier couple was getting to meet and work with such sweet people. Everyone was so accommodating and flexible with visits and me being out of town. Y’all made me feel very relaxed on the big day.

Memorable Moments

Obviously reading our vows privately and the entire ceremony – it all felt like an out of body experience. My brother officiated the wedding was pretty special as well.

A lighter, funny moment I’ll never forget is at the reception when my 3 year old niece Hayden came up to me to ask, “Kristina, did you see the surprise cake they made you?” She grabbed my hand and we ran across the dance floor to see the “surprise” cake I had “no idea about”. Ha ha! Too funny.

Their Best Advice

I loved getting to share this experience with my mom. Although we did butt heads a time or two (love you mom), I’m so glad she got to be a part of it.

All Together Now

Thank you to everyone that helped make this truly the best day of Sean and I’s life so far. We felt so loved and are just grateful to have had so many loved ones all in one place. I’ll end this with my favorite verse from our ceremony, which makes me cry every time I read it, and is a great representation of our love:

“I didn’t fall in love with you. I walked into love with you, with my eyes wide open, choosing to take every step along the way. I do believe in fate and destiny, but I also believe we are only fated to do the things that we’d choose anyway. And I’d choose you; in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality, I’d find you and I’d choose you.

-The Chaos of Stars by Kiersten White

We adore this quote and love how sentimental their wedding day was. Plus, the floral… an absolute spring wedding dream!

Vendor Spotlight:

-Photographer: Allison Jeffers Photography
-Videographer: Dynamic Films
-Florist: Reiley and Rose
-Coordinator: Sweet Laurel Events
-Bartender: Bartenders 4 You
-H&M: Veil Artistry
-DJ: Gaines Entertainment, DJ Gumby
-Caterer: Jimmy Lynn’s Catering
-Cakes: Cakes by Cathy Young
-Alpacas: Texas Party Animals
-Dance floor, drapes, linens: DPC Event Services
-Photobooth: MBP Photo Booth
-Late night snack: Amy’s Ice Cream, P Terrys
-Transportation: Elegant Rides, Team One Luxury
-Dress: Ivory Bridal Atelier, Ann Barge
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Fairytail Ending

Sometimes in the midst of a crisis (or in Curtis and Taylor’s story, a pandemic) a fairytale ending occurs. The one good thing that could come out of a pandemic… love! Taylor was about move back home but was delayed due to COVID, and that is when she met Curtis through a mutual friend. They knew from the start they had something special and it was the beginning of an amazing adventure! From her gorgeous dress, beautiful flowers and amazing decor details, this day was picture perfect!

The Love Story

 Curtis and I met in Corpus Christi while I was on a work assignment. We had mutual friends that introduced us at a charity event in the Spring of 2020. I was supposed to be moving back to Houston in April of 2020, but COVID locked us down and my move got delayed. Curtis and I spent a lot of time together during the pandemic lockdowns since there was not much to do. We knew pretty quickly that our love was something special and we started making plans for the future. You could say that our relationship is the only good thing to come from the COVID 19 pandemic :).