The Love Story
Tate and I met as college students at Tarleton State University. We had all of the same friends so we were around each other quite a bit and slowly became friends. Tate officially asked me to be his girlfriend in 2018 during our last homecoming at Tarleton over a romantic dinner of late night whataburger. Because of this, we decided to incorporate a late night snack of Whataburger at our wedding and it was so fun to include as a little detail. We got engaged on March 4th, 2023 and it was a total surprise. My mom asked if we wanted to meet them in Austin for dinner one night (which is not out of the ordinary) but I felt like the place that my parents (actually Tate) had picked was a little fancy for our typical dinners. Tate even went to the effort of asking me where, when, and what time we were eating. So I had no idea that he was behind all of this. When we walked in the restaurant, they took us to a private room where our family was waiting, and Tate got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. It is still such an amazing memory and I had no idea he was going to propose. He planned all of it and it was such a great night.

Why The Chandelier?
The Chandelier was the only venue that we toured. I looked online for about a week and I had found some places that I thought were pretty but didn’t necessarily “wow” me. I somehow stumbled upon The Chandelier’s website, and immediately knew that was where I wanted to get married. I think I called immediately to request a tour, and I brought Tate, my parents, his mom, and sister-in-law and they were all blown away by it too. Haley and Chelsea were so kind and helpful with all of the questions I had about booking the venue, and even after booking I felt that they were so organized and helped so much with any questions I had.

The best part for me was just how caring everyone was, and very accommodating. Plus, the actual wedding space is breathtaking. The chapel being so flexible to accommodate for the crazy Texas weather was a big plus for me. Luckily, on our wedding day it was beautiful so we had the windows open and there was a great breeze blowing through. But if it had been windy, rainy, etc we could have closed the windows and it still would have been so beautiful. Not having to have a Plan B saves you from a ton of stress. The grounds are meticulously kept, everything is so clean, and you really just don’t see a lot of venues that have a chapel and reception hall like The Chandelier does. All of our guests had so many compliments for how beautiful the venue was.

Most Memorable Moment
For me and Tate, we both agree that when I walked down the aisle it was the best part of our day. All I could see was Tate and I was so happy in that moment just to marry him that nothing else really mattered. And he said the exact same thing, it was just such a beautiful moment that I will never forget.

And of course, just having all of our family and friends there to celebrate with us meant the world. It was an amazing day that we will always look back on with great memories.

Advice from the Bride & Groom
If you can be super organized, do it. I had a binder full of all of my wedding vendors, receipts, inspiration, and that helped me a lot. I also created an email specifically for wedding planning and that was a huge game changer as well. Not having to dig around for an email that you know you have but can’t find is the worst, and I didn’t want to make anything harder on myself than it had to be! Pick your must haves and try to stick to that list. Don’t get caught up in every wedding TikTok idea you see. It will make you feel crazy.

Aside from that, I would just encourage any couple to live in the moment. It’s so easy to get on social media and compare or think you need to do x, y, z to have the perfect engagement party/wedding shower/rehearsal/wedding day but as long as you enjoy your day with your partner by your side, that is really all that matters.

Special Details
I actually saw some really pretty linens on Instagram that I loved, but I couldn’t muster the courage to spend the amount they wanted for them to rent for a day. But, Tate’s grandmother is an amazing seamstress and we went shopping for fabric one day and picked out some really pretty fabric and she made runners for me to use on all of the farmhouse tables, entryway table, cake table, and our memory table in the venue. And now I am using some of them in our house, so it’s just a really sweet reminder to have and get to use on a daily basis.

Final Thoughts
While we were getting ready, I had lunch delivered to us and we were supposed to have plates/napkins/forks included with it. Well when it showed up, it did not and I kind of panicked. One of my bridesmaids, who was also my college roommate and partially responsible for Tate and I even knowing each other to begin with, is notorious (to me) for always having the most random but useful things in her purse/car/etc. And she of course had a random set of paper plates (easter themed of course) in the back of her car that she didn’t need and saved the day by letting us use them for lunch. So this is my public apology to Kristin for always giving her a hard time about having a million random things in her purse and her car.

And if you can’t tell, I am a very sentimental person, so I wanted to incorporate as much of our family into our day as possible. All of my grandparents have passed and it was really important for me to have them there in some way, so on our wedding day I wore an old string of pearls that my grandfather gifted my mom before he passed. And for my florals, we used a collection of milk glass from both of my grandmothers to use as centerpieces. I also used my parent’s cake topper from when they got married, it’s 33 years old and had sat in our curio cabinet growing up and I always loved looking at it.

Vendor Spotlight
Catering- Rabels Roadhaus BBQ
Photography- Martina Castillo Photography
Florist- La Boutique
Wedding Dress- Celebrations Bridal
Hair and Makeup- Bombshell Beauty On Site
Coordinator- Borrowed and Blue
Bartenders- Bartenders 4 You
Cake- Naeglins Bakery
DJ- Power Sounds
Ceremony Music- Cello Vida Strings
Rentals- Alpha Lit
Linens- Comal Event Rentals
Transportation- Baby Blue Drives for You