As a family run business, we’re always at The Chandelier. It means you get the personal touch and we care about your day as much as you do, but it always means that we get to see everything. We get to see how weddings are planned and how couples utilize the space. We get to see that your guests recognize how much we upkeep the grounds, how special it is that the deer come out around ceremony time, and how every wedding is unique. But most importantly, we see where we can improve to make your dream venue even better.

If you’ve followed along with us since the day that we opened our doors, you’ll know that we’ve added a lot of new touches to make The Chandelier even better (and we think it was pretty great from the start). From the swing in front of the chapel to new landscaping to our newest patio for cocktail hour, we’re constantly thinking of ways to give you more and make your planning experience the best it can possibly be. We’re pretty fond of all of our additions, but our latest one might be one of our favorites: the suspended floral boxes.

We love floral installations and wanted to find a way to make it easier for you to create them for your own big day. The actual floral boxes can be arranged in a couple of different ways, including over the head table and bar, and they’re a blank slate to do a minimalist display or over the top design. They are absolutely stunning, provide so much versatility, and have been a super fun addition for some of our favorite florist friends to play with – we cannot get over the creativity that has been sparked by them. Seriously, we couldn’t be happier with this addition. So, aside from having a way to bring your Pinterest floral inspiration to life, why should you considered adding the suspended floral boxes to your big day?

They can tie your entire wedding design together. 

One of the things we love about suspended florals is the fact that they’re so easy to customize for your day. So many of the aspects of wedding design are done on a smaller scale where you can’t incorporate everything, so you’re relying on it all coming together to tell your story. With installs though, they’re grand and can tell the story all by themselves. Furthermore, you can see from the Armstrong’s wedding how their seating area ties into the install design, making the entire thing look more cohesive. Which, also leads us to our next point…

They’re visible from anywhere in the room. 

Our reception space is designed so you can get the greatest possible impact with your decor and layout, and we especially kept that in mind when deciding where potential options for the suspended floral boxes would be. We couldn’t include all of the reception photos from the Armstrong wedding, but we were blown away by the fact that you could see the floral boxes in almost every single dance floor photo. They were background, yes, but they elevated the look so much. Suspended floral boxes aren’t like having one wall install or one big centerpiece on the head table because they don’t get lost in the room or covered up by people moving around. You can always see them and get that impact from them.

They make a huge statement. 

While floral installations are a popular trend, they’re not something most guests get to see often, especially hanging floral installations. They make an incredible, unexpected wow statement as soon as you walk into the hall. The visual impact with them is also so much higher than typical floral centerpieces, so you don’t have to do as much on the tables. This is beneficial so you have more room for dinner plates/cups/table numbers and you don’t have to worry about have a centerpiece that’s so big your guests have a hard time talking around it.

They can highlight focal points. 

Remember how we said we have a number of different ways the floral boxes can be arranged? One of the most popular has been to have one in the entrance over the bride and groom’s head table and one over the bar area. Whether they’re the only boxes you utilize or you just do bigger installations on them, suspended florals are a great way to draw your guests to the focal points of the reception. They’re also stunningly beautiful for those pictures of you sharing your first meal together as husband and wife.

They compliment the space. 

Of everything, this is one of our favorite aspects. If you’re having a big wedding, suspended florals draw the eye up, making the space feel bigger and highlighting the tall ceilings. Simultaneously, if you’re having a small wedding, suspended florals can section off the hall and make the entire space feel more intimate. It seems counterintuitive that they can do both, but they truly can. Our suspended floral boxes were specifically designed for our hall and created to give you options – trust us when they say that are a great addition for weddings of any size.

We truly cannot wait to see what you come up with for incorporating them, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about your options or how to add them on to your venue rental. We’ve already seen so many different options from our open house, styled shoots and our couples that have used them for their wedding days, and we haven’t met a design we didn’t fall in love with yet. We are lucky enough to work with some of the most talented florists in the business and we have no doubt that their creativity will stun both you and your guests.

The Armstrong’s Vendor Spotlight:

Photographer: Angela King Photography

Coordinator and Florist: Isn’t That Gorgeous

Caterer: River City Catering

DJ: Gaines Entertainment

Videographer: Levi Hanusch

Rental Company: Whim Hospitality 

Decor Furniture: Rustic Romance Rentals

Bar: Bartenders4You

Cake: Love Bird Cakes

Hair and Makeup: Cynful Makeup

Beer Donkeys: Borracho Burros