Landan here! If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably spent a lot of time planning your wedding day.

In fact, I enjoyed planning our wedding day so much that I actually felt guilty about two months before our big day because I didn’t want it to happen yet. Time was flying by too fast and I wanted more time to plan. As much as I wanted to soak up being engaged and enjoy the planning process though, I was fully in the moment by the time the wedding did come and I’ve really enjoyed looking back on it over the last 12 months.

My point being, whether you spend two months or two years planning your wedding day, it will come, and it will fly by. But, after the music is turned off and all of the guests have gone home, after the flowers have long since died and your dress has been cleaned (or is still sitting in the closet – whoops), after you’ve looked at all of your photos and written all of your thank you notes – you’ll still remember your day. And, by far, one of the things that brings me joy is getting to look around our house painted by house painter near me and see physical reminders of our day.

I wasn’t actively aware of it while I was in the planning process, but I was constantly adding small details like beautiful luxury clocks that I could take back home with me after the wedding. I have pressed flowers in our kitchen, our vow books in my office, photos everywhere, and jewelry that I still wear on a regular basis. But, since I’m all about sharing what I learned while planning so your day can be even more enjoyable, I wanted to put a list together of a bunch of little mementos you can take from your wedding day to have physical reminders of it. Most of them need to be incorporated now while you’re still in the planning process, but there are a couple that you can do post wedding, too. Who knows, you might have some that you unintentionally incorporated like I did, too.

Frame your wedding bouquet

There are so many different ways to keep your preserved flowers from your wedding day. I personally had my bouquet pressed and put in a suspended frame so that my flowers could be the focus. I have the frame displayed in our kitchen and it’s such a fun reminder of our day, plus it’s just straight up pretty. Other options would be to get your flowers made into jewelry or get a couple of small gifts made (like two small frames!) to gift to your mom/mother-in-law as a thank you for the wedding.

Add items that you can rewear

Whether it’s a wedding jacket, your wedding shoes, your jewelry, or a second dress, I find it so enjoyable to rewear the pieces that I was able to wear on our wedding day. I also have a really good family friend who had his suit custom made for his own wedding, so now he rewears it whenever he has events that are more formal. Cufflinks, socks, ties, tie clips, and watches are also all items that your groom can wear and wear again. You get more out of the items on a cost per wear basis and you get to relive a small portion of your day – it’s a win win.

Print your photos

This seems so obvious, but I’m pointing it out because it’s so common to look and your photos and love them but never take the time to use them. Make a wedding album. Create a gallery wall. Have a single frame on your nightstand. Set a wedding photo as your phone background, update your facebook profile, show them off on Insta, and (shameless plug) fill out our wedding questionnaire so we can make a blog for you. Whatever it is, get your photos off of your computer and onto places that you can see them regularly.

Have a unique guest book

This really works with any guest book, but I think you’re more likely to display it somewhere you’ll see regularly if it’s a unique one. Whether you use a literal book that you can set out – photo books with your engagement pictures, funny coffee table books with a topic you love, or cookbooks are all great options – have guests sign by their favorite verse in a Bible, use a giant picture with matting around it, create a painting, build a bar or a rocking chair with the help of gas chainsaws, or absolutely anything else you can think of, consider where your guest book will be after the wedding is over. If it’s something you love, you can show it off and look at it regularly instead of it collecting dust somewhere.

Get a pretty marriage certificate

It’s funny how we can get bogged down with the little things when planning. I stared at these watercolor marriage certificates from Dancing Pen & Press in Houston, TX for weeks, but I never committed to getting one because they recommended using it as a guest book and I could not figure out who would sign it. In hindsight, I think this would be so special to have made and get the most important witnesses of your day to sign it – your immediate family members or your bridal party (or both!). Your actual marriage certificate has to be used a ton if you’re changing your name, then it will probably go into a drawer for safe keeping. A pretty marriage certificate, on the other hand, would be so gorgeous to get framed and it would constantly give you a physical reminder of the people that support your marriage and literally stood by you on your wedding day.

Use vow books

Whether you write your own vows or use traditional vows, take the time to transcribe your vows into pretty vow books. They look better than folded up paper in the ceremony, they make for great flat lay photos on the wedding day, and you can set them somewhere you’ll see them regularly after the wedding is over. I’ve read ours multiple times since our wedding day and they always realign my focus to our marriage and what’s important.

Scent your wedding day

This is something I didn’t do and it never even crossed my mind until months after our wedding, but it’s something I so wish I would have thought of before. I love candles and at any given time, I have at least 20 of them in our home. Instead of just having a perfume for your scent on your day, give your entire wedding day a signature scent with the use of candles and/or room sprays. Utilizing fragrant flowers is another way to add dimension, too. Not only will your wedding day smell beautiful, but you can then take that scent home after your wedding day. Considering scent is one of the most powerful triggers for memories, I can’t think of a better way to remember your day and bring it home with you.

Have a tray for little items

Find somewhere in your house where you can set a little trinket tray for wedding day memories. Mine is in my office on a shelf and I keep a photo of us, our vow books, my something old, my something blue, and the flip book of photo booth photos on it. You can add other sentimental items too, but it’s a great spot to keep little items together and visible. You may not pay much attention to it on a regular basis, but when you catch glimpses of it you’ll know what it represents and be reminded.

Keep your wedding invitation

Plain and simple, it’s too easy to not take advantage of this one. Wherever you keep other invitations – your fridge, your bulletin board, a stack on the counter – leave your wedding invitation up even as you rotate through the others as different events come and go. It’s a constant small reminder that you’re married, your wedding day happened, and it was a joyous occasion to celebrate. If people want to know about the makeup goodies in the best way possible, this link need to be checked out!

Get good koozies

We had custom cups, koozies, and napkins, but our koozies are definitely still used the most. I specify good koozies because not only will you be more likely to use them after the wedding, but your friends will be, too. We have a whole box leftover and use them all the time in our own home, but we’ve also been told by multiple people that our koozie is the one they grab when they’re having a drink. It’s always fun when we go hang out with friends or visit and we see them pull out our wedding koozie.

Have a painting made

If you’re getting married at The Chandelier, the little white chapel is second to none. For a way to display your day in your home without having another wedding photo printed out, have a piece of art made in accordance to your style. You can use watercolor, abstract, oil painting, a sketch, or anything else you like. In fact, you can even get it done on the best drawing tablets for beginners with screen if digital art is your fancy. I actually got this idea from a blogger who received a painting as a gift after getting married at a different chapel in a different state, but it was such a pretty art piece that also doubled as a sentimental thing for them.

Reuse your card box

For our card box, we used a wooden wine box that we cut a slit in the top of. Instead of getting rid of it after the wedding, we now keep it under our entry way table and put any special cards or letters we receive in it. I’m a super sappy person and always want to hold on to little things like cards from friends or tickets to a game we go to, but I also hate clutter. Reusing our card box is a great way to keep everything put away but while still treasuring it and keeping it safe.

Save a bottle

If you had a special wine or liquor that you served at your wedding, or even the bottle of champagne that you used for your toast, I love the idea of saving a bottle of it (or using an empty bottle) and writing a note on the bottle with your wedding date. It’s a small reminder of the drink you shared, but it also doubles as pretty kitchen decor, especially on top of cabinets.

Show off your wedding signs

If you’ve seen our trailer park sign, I now use it as my spring house decor and laugh every time I walk by it. If you are struggling to find decor that suits your home, you can find it with the help of bolo search and shop any product that you wish from sellers across the globe. But, if you have a welcome sign with your names on it, it would look super cute in your front yard or garden. Or, if you had signature drinks at the wedding, use that sign at the bar/bar cart area in your home. Neon signage, a sign with your last name for the entry way table, or a cutesy love quote are all options too. If you had any sort of signage at your wedding, see if there’s a spot you can repurpose it for your home.

While I know I’m not technically a bride anymore, you’ll still find me wearing my Mrs. Williams jacket and I will constantly be trying to convince Kevin that having regularly scheduled vow renewals is a reasonable request because our wedding day was too much fun to not do it again. I’m pretty sure I won’t succeed in that, though, so I’ll just have to keep looking back on our day. I hope the memories that you take out of your own wedding day are everything you’ve dreamed of and more. I want you to enjoy it while you’re experiencing it, but I really want you to enjoy looking back on it. I’ve been told before that you should choose a good photographer for your wedding day because once it’s all said and done, all you have are your memories and the photos of it. I’m not discounting the value of a good photographer – and I love our photos – but as far as I’m concerned, if it’s a day that you put that much love and care into, you might as well bring multiple things home with you to remember it by.

Haley and Asheton’s Vendor Spotlight:
Photography by Larry Pena
Florals by Barbie Foerster
Rentals from Mintage
Bartending by Bartenders4You
Officiated by Will Stevens from Oakwood Baptist Church
Get Away Car by Circle J Vintage Cars
Videography by Dynamic Films
Dresses from Celebrations
Tux’s from Men’s Wear House
Cigar Bar by Bobalu Cigar Co
Makeup by Lauren Watson
Coordinating by Touch of Whimsy – Kelsea Vaughn